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Your inner 'I' - your sense of existence derived by the Conscious Mind - You're knowing I AM conscious of being alive, aka thought, is what you must hold single, as a one-pointed unmoving focus in the movement of the moment. Meaning mind must stay in a state of being over thinking 90% of the time, for the illusion of a personal self to subside fully and permanently so that the real Self is unveiled allowing Cause and Effect to work as One - as Life living itself. This realization can be full but precarious in its instability regarding its high probability of falling to sleep again when one starts thinking. Universal belief in a personal self is strong and mesmerizing for the Son/Mind- Consciousness that does not predominately stay in a state of being. Wiping the dust off one's feet every night through meditation is necessary to keep the illusion of a separate self at bay until Realization of the Self is an effortlessly stable identity. Anything less than 90% abiding in Thy Presence - outside thought, risks the sanity of mind in relation to reality.

However, this is a tall order for the majority of most at this point in history. This type of discipline and surrender is usually only held by the advanced mystic or the guru/teacher which is helping the rest of humanity with the realization of the 'Self'. I myself am not there yet, not by a long shot. I just write what I am inspired to write, learning alongside everyone else. However, it would seem that this is what I must aspire too along the road less travelled if I am to carry on what I am presently doing. We shall see. What I share with you is the diary of my own Self-Realization. My own inspired writing that helps me find my way. I write about it, and then put whatever I learn into action just like you do, with all the trials and tribulations along the way. Like you, I do my best with what I have and where I am. We are in this together. And we know that theory is no longer enough, that experience must be had.

"God (Our true Self) must become an activity in our Consciousness" - Joel Goldsmith.

Therefore, the being mind, aka meditative mind must be held as one's mindset, alongside of course the right understanding which actually, more aptly put, is a prerequisite. A prerequisite I continually give you day after day through these posts and through the quotes and videos of many sages and gurus that have realized the Self. In fact, let me say first off, that some people have realized the Self without ever having done a minute of meditation or mindfulness. They have done this due to holding the right understanding, however, the meditative mind that is held in mindfulness is the outcome of realizing the Self through this 'right understanding. Generally, these people have spent many lifetimes, readying themselves for the pivotal moment when the Self was realized.

"Awareness is the essence of meditation" - Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

When I say hold the mind as a single thought rather than letting it rise into a stream of thoughts called 'thinking', I am talking of the being mind. Being is another word for meditating. Awareness aka Soul is the essence of meditation. If you are not thinking, you are being. If you are being, you are not thinking. Both states of mind rely on the absence of the other for definition. This is important to understand, for the mind there is only thinking (illusion) and being (reality). One thought held single and unmoving in the movement of the Now is called ' Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am)'. The I and the Am of mind finally come together to work as One Channel for one's true Self as Spirit. The conscious mind - our sense of being present must always be present in our Souls awareness that is always present in and AS the moment, hence why it is called Present (Mind-Consciousness) Moment (Now) Awareness (Soul). The 'I" of Presence is fixed in the Am of Awareness aka Soul.

As you can see, our inner I (The consciousness of mind, which we use to think with or to 'be still') is present in and AS Awareness aka Soul, (which is always the present moment) while our outer eyes of flesh are present in the moment of physicality. In this way Spirit flows through the Inner I (that is not risen in thought) for the outer eyes of flesh to behold in the physical. This is aligning all aspects of our being multidimensionally. Or put another way, you could say the conscious presence of mind (thought or Inner I) by virtue of being still, sits in the Now Awareness of our subconscious that is embodied by our Incarnate Soul which in turn is itself embodied by the true one and eternal Soul which is the activity of Spirit - our true and eternal Consciousness that fills the Inner I, through the activity of all aspects of Soul to flow out into the world to bless all creatures great and small. The Mind-Consciousness we identify with can only realize its true Consciousness, through the Present Moment-ness of the Soul aka Awareness.

Our subconscious is a vessel for our Incarnate Soul, which in turn is a vessel for the One true Soul of all souls. It pays to remember that Awareness aka Soul aka Love is always in all ways the Present Moment and goes under the guise of subconscious, Incarnate Soul and true Soul.

Keeping the attention of the conscious mind with the awareness the subconscious brings a wholeness of mind again. The I has finally settled down into the reality of the Am (Soul) rather than rising in the illusion of thought that takes one's Mind-Consciousness or Presence, out of its temple of Present Moment Awareness. This I am-ness of mind is called apperceiving. One does not live in thought or the forms of thought anymore but outside thought, in and AS the witness to life - eventually being the experience of life unfolding as itself. Through the deepening of meditation, one goes from being IN the moment, to being the moment itself. One goes from having a life to 'being' life. Two becomes One. One's I (Presence of Consciousness of mind) is in the 'Am' which is one's subconscious/ Incarnate Soul/Soul, which allows or transforms the mind into a channel or Temple for the Most High - Spirit to flow through and out into the physical world.

The negative feedback loop of the ego whereby the eyes of flesh guide and inform the Inner I which in turn, takes thought from the mental realm in the creation of his world is given up for the being mind that is holds the Inner I it used to think with, still in the Temple of Now, awaiting intuitive guidance from the Spiritual Realms, that informs, and creates the synchronicity and serendipity of our world. This is the true use of mind that creates from the true images of Spirit rather than the false images of ego that only lives in the physical and mental realms. In this way Spirit gives life to its Soul through the mind, rather than the mind giving life to its own personal thoughts that generally serve no one but itself that lives apart from life rather than as a part of it.

We create life from the inside out, not from the outside in, as is the egos habit. One's Spirit - one's Soul creates life. Not the mind. The mind reveals life. One Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) uses the meditative Inner I or conscious mind aka thought to inform and guide us so that we create the world from the inside out rather than recreate the world from outside in, through the mind taking thought as opposed to being given intuition or being made aware.

If the mind does try to create life through thinking about what the eyes of flesh behold, it will recreate history, for it is not creating anything new, it is creating what already is. It will simply recreate the same thing at a different time, in a different shape. Our world and personal timeline of history is testimony to this. Clearly, we keep repeating the same shit a different day. The only reason new images and forms come to life is because our subconscious answers to our true Self as Spirit, as much as it does to the conscious mind which impersonates the true Self in the creation of Life. If this were not true, we would not be able to breathe or have a heartbeat - for it is surely not our conscious mind keeping us alive! Bear in mind the subconscious of everyone is vessel for the Soul aka Awareness. Awareness is the activity of Consciousness aka Spirit. Soul is the Present Moment which we experience either as the ego living through Karma (Laws of Soul being Spirit) or directly through Spirit flowing through us as the Christ or Zen Mind.

To conclude, understand that Mind-Consciousness is an empty vessel until you have attained Self-Realization. An empty vessel that in its ignorance creates life from the mental realm as opposed to revealing it from the Spiritual Realm. Mind-Consciousness being the physical manifestation of one's true Self as Spirit.

The "Incarnate Conscious Awareness' or Mind-Soul, can only merge or become One with its true Consciousness as Spirit, through the Soul as the subconscious awareness first. The subconscious which is the vessel for the, Incarnate awareness or Soul. This is your incarnating Soul-Mind Consciousness. It sits within Soul Awareness which is the true body of Spirit. All of which is the Present Moment, but differentiated. To reiterate the Consciousness of Mind must marry the Awareness of first the subconscious, then the Incarnate Mind-Soul, then the true and eternal Soul, where are merely all layers or depths of the One true Soul aka Awareness, in order to realize its true Consciousness as Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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