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A child's state of being is held in a state of heartfelt awareness - a confidence and trust in life, that's cornerstone is vulnerability in the present moment. Heartfelt Awareness directed by faith (Claircognizance) under Grace (alignment of multidimensional being), is enough to guide you throughout life. You need not take conscious thought for everything. You need not listen to 'They Say" - the voice of the world and you need not teach your children to do so either. Listen to the Inner Voice that speaks to us in the Silence of Mind.

The subconscious that is Awareness (Human Soul) aka a reflection of the true eternal Awareness of Soul constitutes 95% of our being, so this is what we, as the Conscious Mind Aka Inner I, must attend (bring conscious attention or presence too). We must hold our conscious mind within the subconscious's heartfelt awareness, so that we make conscious all that we are unconscious of, such as the emotional body etc. When the emotional body - sometimes referred to as the 'Pain body' by Eckhart Tolle is healed, the Subconscious becomes the door to the true Self - the Spiritual Realms.

The Subconscious is responsible for all physical manifestation and is the door through which our true Self flows. If it is still in an egoic state and not purified our physical manifestations will be corrupted. The Conscious Mind (I) cannot rest within the Subconscious if the Subconscious (Am) is not at rest itself. There are a number of ways and levels of purifying the Subconscious Aka Human Soul. Shadow work, or Mindfulness or Meditation or all three - whatever works for the individual. I advocate mindfulness and meditation always in all ways.

The Subconscious Aka Human Soul is a reflected portion of the One true Soul that we have as the Son or projection of Spirit claimed dominion over throughout our many incarnations. Each incarnation sees us become a little bit more conscious of our true eternal Soul aka Awareness (also known as the present moment) giving us greater and greater dominion over our being.

Try what it feels like to be in a state of heartfelt awareness. Be aware of yourself being aware - of yourself being the moment, without thinking and put you whole heart into being present. Feel loving while consciously aware. Awareness happens when you hold the mind as ONE thought and do not fall into thinking. This is your natural state. Observe the world without judgment for "Every thought is a judgment"- Eckhart Tolle.

Observe the moment of Awareness lovingly as a child might, head and heart wide open, being guided with an all-knowing Faith, in each and every moment. Bear in mind the moment is animated by the true formless eternal Soul guided by Spirit. If the Ego stays out of it, the moment will guide you in and as Truth. Learn to trust your intuition. Learn to trust the synchronicity and serendipity of the moment to guide you for the moment IS the Soul - the Human Soul (Subconscious) animated by the formless eternal Soul.

~ Love Tracy

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