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The Subconscious Aka Human Soul is the collection of all thoughts since the creation of our Temple Aka Instrument (Mind-body, many incarnations ago). Due to our ignorance of ourselves as Spiritual-Consciousness we have created ourselves and consequently life with Mind-Consciousness which has caused the body and the body of the world to manifest duality and separation poverty and suffering. The Subconscious has been defiled with Egoic beliefs systems, ideologies and erroneous schools of thought Aka Karmic Vasana's which causes emotional pain and unrest, in turn sustaining a negative-feedback-loop that pushes the Conscious Mind out of its Temple (Subconscious) in search of its bliss, which in turn creates more karmic Vasana's that need to be healed and balanced. Can you see how we repeat history?

The Conscious Mind (I) must stay within the Subconscious (Am) as ONE thought, so that the true Self (I AM) behind mind can shine its light on the pain and suffering of the Subconscious, bringing to light that which does hinder us. Once the healing of the Subconscious Aka Human Soul is done, the true Self is free to flow through the Human Soul Aka Subconscious, without any filters that distort, delay and destroy the purity of Light and love that is the true Self. In this way we go from being a thinker to a knower.

"True healing is an unglamorous process of living into the long lengths of pain. Forging forward in the darkness. Holding the tension between hoping to get well and the acceptance of what is happening. Tendering a devotion to the impossible task of recovery, while being willing to live with the permanence of a wound; befriending it with an earnest tenacity to meet it where it lives without pushing our agenda upon it. But here's the paradox: you must accept what is happening while also keeping the heart pulsing towards your becoming, however slow and whispering it may be." ― Toko-pa Turner

~ Love Tracy

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