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There are three types of thoughts: personal, universal & impersonal. In saying this the third thought mentioned is more of an awareness or claircognizance Aka Faith that one analyses. The former two are derived from the conscious mind, in its egoic state, inspired by the emotional centre within the Subconscious. One's emotional body or lack thereof will always dictate the colour of our thoughts and/or transparency of thought.

One can either create their own thoughts with and as the Conscious Mind Aka Inner I or one can attract thoughts created by others within the Universal Mind. Both thoughts feel as though they are your own. In fact, you will barely be able distinguish them apart. The third type of thought - impersonal thought, is vastly different in how it is received for it is received intuitively. Tuition from within. When I say within, I mean deeper than thought Aka Conscious Mind, for there are depths and dimensions within your being that have yet to be realized.

There are the thoughts that you yourself create by letting your conscious mind rise (leavened) into a stream of thought. You as 'Consciousness' follow and dwell in said thoughts, leaving your Temple of the living Now (Subconscious) unattended and devoid of light. In other words, by being present in thought you are absent in the NOW where Spirit resides. The living Now is sustained by the activity of the One true Soul - the perfect expression of Spirit.

The quality and quantity of intuition is quite different to the other two modes of entertaining thought. Most obvious of all is that intuition is best received with a state of mind that is profoundly present in and as the Moment. Meaning meditative. Intuition will not be heard if the thinking mind is in operation for the Conscious Mind is already distracted by two different types of thought that incessantly and almost unequivocally hold its attention. It would be fair to say that the Conscious Mind while in an Egoic state is almost unconscious of intuitive guidance being given 24/7 - or what is really going on in reality - for reality is only the Present Moment. Never ones thoughts.

If you had two people (Your thoughts and the worlds) talking to you at one time, would you listen to the third person (Spirit) with the quieter voice? No, you would barely notice their existence. Likewise with intuition regarding the 'Thinker' Aka Ego. Thinking is talking. Being is listening. You cannot talk and listen at the same time. Either Spirit is running the show, or the 'Thinker' is.

Intuitive thought is not laboured. It comes unbidden with no doubt whatsoever. Intuition never serves you. You serve intuition. It is also very clear in its message and intent. With egoic thought you can watch the process of reasoning take place and understand how you came to the conclusion you did and still end up doubting yourself, but with intuitive thought you just know the truth immediately - all at once. How this understanding came to you so completely and quickly is a mystery that lies within our Oneness. There is no space and time in One. Everything is Now. There is never any doubt attached to what is given you for it is pure. You cannot reason it because it was given you by your true Consciousness as Spirit rather than your Consciousness as mind, but you know it is true or the right thing to do. Therefore, you can analyse and reason it after the fact, however it is not necessary for manifestation. Being the one that witnesses the Divine Idea unfold is sufficient thereof.

The Egoic Mind is always in tomorrow or yesterday. It is either in hindsight or foresight. It is always comparing and contrasting between two poles. It has NO sight in and of the Moment because the thinker cannot exist there. Only Spirit can - the Impersonal. Thinking and Being are two states of mind that cannot coexist at the same time. Thinking veils, the true Self while Being unveils it. So, the personal Self dies the minute it is fully present in the moment. The Thinker - created by a collection of on-going thoughts, cannot exist outside of its identity - which is thinking. When thinking ceases so does the Thinker - the personal sense of Self. The thinker or the Ego can only witness the moment in hindsight or foresight because it can never be present in the moment itself. You have to come to know Thy Self beyond myself.

The 'Thinker' can never be the moment which is 'Being' for in order to think about anything in the moment, you have to leave the moment to do it. In order to come back into it - the moment that is - you as Consciousness have to stop thinking. When thinking ceases so does the Thinker eventually. There are no two ways about it. You must choose your master (Mind or Spirit) by virtue of how you as mind hold yourself. I know for a fact the present moment is the only place that Grace is given. It can never be taken for the taker ceases to exist in the moment. Or the seeker that seeks the truth ceases to be when the truth is found. You cannot find the truth any more than you can take a step towards yourself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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