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There are two types of thoughts: personal and universal thought. Both are derived from the conscious mind, in its egoic form that IS thought alone. One can either create their own thoughts by rising in and as thought or one can attract thoughts created by others within the Universal Mind.

Thought is the vehicle for one's Incarnate Soul which is a vessel for the One true Soul being Spirit aka God. The Incarnate Soul being the Son was born in their image and likewise the mind was born in the image of the Son. The conscious mind (thought) represents Spirit or Consciousness, and the subconscious mind (feeling) represents Soul or Awareness.

There are the thoughts that you yourself create by letting your conscious mind, which is ONE thought, rise into a stream of thought. You as 'Consciousness' follow and dwell in said thoughts, leaving your temple of the living Now (Subconscious) unattended and devoid of light. In other words, by being present in thought you are absent in the NOW where Spirit resides. The living Now is Awareness both of the moment and the Self that are always in all ways One. The lights are on but there is no one home to intuit Spirit. These incessant uninspired thoughts go out into the ether to combine with the billions of other egoic thoughts created by the unconscious mind that THINKS it is conscious. We attract these thoughts to ourselves by virtue of our own thoughts.

As there is only one Spirit, so there is only one Soul and one mind, which all of us are subject to when we take from it. This is why some of the nicest, healthiest, most undeserving of people get cancer. It is not that they deserved it or didn't. It is that this person is plugged into the one mind that believes predominately that cancer is a reality.

The mind must be very careful about what it accepts as true as the subconscious mind will produce it whether it is a spiritual truth or a delusion of the egoic mind (false). The subconscious is not a thinker. It does not discern. It is a lover always seeking to serve and express itself - always seeking to fulfil Spirit.

The way to stop this incessant egoic thought that robs you of your awareness is to keep your conscious mind single and one pointed in its focus. A focus that sits in the awareness of the subconscious (to begin with) and the moment. I say to begin with as the subconscious while we are present in it, in time expands to the One True Soul Being Spirit aka God or our True Self. That is a fancy way of saying, be so present in the moment that your mind cannot rise in thought, nor can it notice universal thought while it is intuitively guided in and as the presence of Now

~ Tracy Pierce

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