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The ego identifies as form. Thoughts and feelings which it calls mind are form and give rise to forms within the physical. However, you are not the mind, though you do have one. You are the formlessness within the form. Put another way, your true body is Awareness or Love. You are not a physical or mental being; they are merely reflections of either mind or Spirit depending on your level of Consciousness. The physical and mental dimensions are the vessels for your true Self as Spirit being Soul. You are Spiritual Consciousness being Soul aka Awareness. The mind is also consciousness, like the subconscious is awareness however they are the vessels born in the image of the true Self for Spiritual expression. Not for the expression of mind-consciousness aka ego which is what we see demonstrated in the world at large today. Every mind/person is a cell in the universal mind. Once everyone is Self-Realized, the Universal mind aka Matrix will also demonstrate this and work as One mind and One body instead of the cancerous egoic mind we see today that is divided against itself.

The Incarnate Soul which you call mind is not thoughts and feelings. The incarnate Soul is Conscious Awareness that does not think. It knows. You are the Awareness behind these thoughts and feelings. The mind (Thoughts and feelings) and body will pass away once their physical body of expression no longer exists. What is left of you, is the experience of Awareness being the son of Awareness being Consciousness. In other words, you will be left with being simply awareness that is conscious of itself, both individually (as an individual Soul) and collectively for you are a vessel or an expression in and of the One true Soul (Awareness) that is embodied by Spirit aka Consciousness. Thought (Conscious mind) and feeling (subconscious mind) are merely vessels for Awareness (Subconscious mind) being consciousness (conscious mind). Unless the conscious mind is realized, true intelligence or full consciousness is not experienced in life, and this is the reality of most people to date.

The Incarnate Soul which is embodied in and as the One true Soul being Spirit, is also that which we term as the formlessness, behind form such as feelings thoughts body & body of the world etc. The Incarnate Mind-Soul was born in the image of the true Self to be its avatar in the physical. I Spirit Am Soul being I conscious mind (Consciousness) am subconscious mind (Awareness). The Incarnate Mind-Soul as the Vessel (Effect) is constantly being moulded by its true Self as Spirit (Cause) to take its full measure, lifetime after lifetime. When the personal form passes away, we are still left with a more refined form of the personal Vessel that is Vessel-Consciousness being Vessel-Awareness aka the Incarnate Mind-Soul. We are still in the realms of Effect after physical death, however these realms of Being are so refined that they are not known to the physical and mental bodies, therefore to our eyes of flesh, are considered formless. Depending on our level of Consciousness, we are either completely separated from our true Self as Cause, partially or almost merging with our true Self. Depending on our level of Consciousness, we are either lighter or denser in form aka Effect. When we have completed our life purpose and merged into the one true Soul being Spirit, we are completely formless. We all fall from Grace in pursuit of a dream and all return to Grace once the dream has been dreamt. Just as when we dream at night, we don't use our real body in the dream, we put our consciousness into a dream body which we use while dreaming. Life is just the same in principle.

This is why Rumi said, take me back to the root of my root. Take me back to the Soul of my Soul. The One true Soul that is the full and true expression of Consciousness, gives birth to the sons of God aka the Incarnate Mind-Soul. They are the vessels through which Spirit experiences itself in the physical. These Vessels are the Prayer, Sons, or avatars of Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) which are born for the express purpose bringing The One's dreams to fruition. This is Life living its 'Self'.

Self-Realization is being Now. Self- Realization is all aspects of One's Being in total alignment multidimensionally with each other. One is conscious of being awareness on all levels of being. The conscious (I) awareness (am) of mind is in alignment with the Conscious (I) Awareness (AM) of Spirit. The reflection (Effect) is pure and perfectly reflects its true Self as Cause., or put another way, Spirit being Soul.

I know metaphysical principles are hard for the average mind to grasp so to reiterate, God (Spirit being Soul) gave birth to his son (Incarnate Soul) that was born in his image, to act as a vessel or avatar; therefore, the son is also Consciousness being Awareness. The I am vessel of mind reflects the I AM of the true Self - God or Spirit being Soul.

The physical and mental worlds do not reflect the true Self as Spirit being Soul when it is inverted or in an egoic state. Rather than reflect the purity and wholeness of Spirit, it will reflect the duality, limitation and separation of the mental realm that is ignorant of itself Spiritually.

This happens when incarnate Mind-Soul believes itself to be is the true & only Self that lives and dies, due to being unconscious of itself Spiritually, which of course is eternal. In order to live in the world, the Ego which is not guided by its own light Spiritually must therefore take thought from the mind rather than receiving thought through the mind from Spirit. Uninspired thoughts born of the mental realm are called false images and have no real life of their own, even though they are manifested and demonstrated in the physical world as sickness, disease and poverty, limitation, separation etc. Moreover, when one forgets they are the creator of Life, when one forgets they are infinite and eternal, they become afraid and live in fear, believing (be living) at the mercy of creation as the servant rather than the master.

The only way out of this mind delusion, this egoic mindset that sees us suffer false images mentally and physically, is through adopting the being mind that sees false images in mind come to a stop. As Sri Ramana Maharshi has stated, meditation is the expulsion of all thoughts. Note, being is another word for meditation. If there are no false images in mind, then there can be no false physical appearances. Furthermore, the being mind is a mind at peace as there are no thoughts within it to divide it either consciously or subconsciously, including emotionally. A mind at peace with itself becomes so pure that it eventually touches the purity of Soul and merges with it, allowing the vessel to be filled with the Holy Spirit aka Intuition which gives us back our Spiritual sight - the light which guides our way.

Understand however that it is the thinking mind that leads to the being mind, individually and collectively. Right thinking leads to the mind surrendering its personal identity, which is created through the taking of thought. When you as mind are being prepared for the coming of the Lord aka your true Self, when you are called, you will find yourself being drawn to gurus or metaphysical teachers in the outside world that all point to the Inner guru, saying 'that way'. True gurus, metaphysical teachers and mystics will always empower you to find your own light and be guided by it. They will never cause you to rely on their light for longer than is necessary. If they do so, run away as fast as you can for, they are a false prophet that will lead you astray. They seek to have power over you, not to empower you.

Jesus said of myself (Incarnate Soul or Effect) I am nothing, it is the father in me (Soul being Spirit or Cause) that does the work and he meant that quite literally. When you see me, you see the father, he said as he was a true reflection of Spirit rather than the egoic mind. All throughout the bible, it says time and time again, that he is not here to do his will but the will of his father.

Now this is how the Temple that is not built with hands, but by the true Self as Soul being Spirit is built: firstly, the Son aka Incarnate Mind-Soul learns through the Mother, which embodies the activity of Karma. The son therefore learns through the experience of cause and effect. The mother is the activity of the Law whereas the Father aka Spirit IS the Law. Just as the babe in the mother's womb knows the mother before the father, so it is in principle metaphysically. We learn through the mother of our Oneness; that we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves. Each experience gives us the Awareness, which IS Soul, that we are One Soul. These experiences prepare the Temple (our I am-ness) for the coming of the Father which is experienced intuitively as the Holy Ghost. As our Temple becomes more and more purified with each passing incarnation, we are more able to channel Spirit, experiencing tuition from within. People experience this intuition differently, depending on their own personal criteria for communion. Some are claircognizant like me, and some are more clairvoyant. Some are both and some. Some are mediums and some are able to read future Karma. We all have our own way of communing with the truth within.

What is important to understand is that Mind-Consciousness aka Incarnate Mind-Soul, does not have a life of its own. It is like a pre-programmed computer that cannot do anything new without first becoming aware through and as Soul and/or through intuition which is downloaded so to speak from our true Intelligence aka our Infinite and Eternal Consciousness aka Spirit. This is the mother and father bringing up their son or you could say this is the True Self - the true I Am as Spirit, moulding the I am vessel of form like Michael Angelo chipped away at a block of stone revealing an Angel he said he saw in it.

To reiterate you are not the doer. You are as one identified as mind, the Witness only. Life will happen regardless of what you do or don't do.

“Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.” — Ramana Maharshi

This is why every single guru worth his salt will tell you to accept the moment and to stop resisting it with your thoughts. Let the mind fall into a peaceful state of being that is thought upon by your true Self as Spirit and it will lead you to your best life. Life IS your true Self. The Present Moment IS your true Self.

Resist the moment by taking thought yourself, by rising in thought outside your Temple, by conjuring thought from the mind instead of intuitively receiving it and you will actively work against your true Self, causing yourself untold suffering. For example, you as an Ego may have dreams of being an astronaut, while your true Self knows you were born to be both a mother and a healer. Life remember will always work with itself as the true Self - never the ego. Therefore, if you find living always going against you, chances are you are serving the Ego rather than the Truth.

Moreover, the ego lives fearfully, due to being spiritually blind, therefore, makes decisions based on and in fear, which of course never brings a good outcome. All you are doing as an Ego out of alignment with yourself multidimensionally, is destroying, delaying, distorting and defiling the flow of Spirit coming into your mind and body trying to live the dream you had before this birth made you forget Thy Self and intention for being here. It does not really matter of course as this place is only a dream. It only matters in that you will spend such and such a time living a nightmare instead of the intended dream.

One can take heart in the fact that this dream, this vessel of Effect cannot in anyway hurt, touch or harm the true Self that is always in always perfect in and of itself as Cause. Even when the physical mind and body pass away, the personal vessel that reincarnates is enfolded in love as it evolves in the outer spiritual realms of Effect awaiting another incarnation and chance to dream the dream of the One. Every reincarnation the Incarnate Soul learns more how to hold itself as mind, so that it might behold itself eventually as Spirit. Through much suffering the Incarnate Mind-Soul learns that the natural being state through suffering the thinking mind and its objectifications.

This is why Jesus says to keep our daily bread (thoughts) unleavened. Do not let the mind rise in thought least it carry you as Consciousness away with it. You will notice when you are meditating that you sit down the intention of keeping the mind present, still and unmoving in the ever-moving Now, then 20 minutes later you realize that you had followed a thought then another and another, until a caravan of thought had let you right away from your meditation. You followed just one thought and then you were lost. If your consciousness rises outside its Temple of Present Moment Awareness where it receives intuition and guidance from its true Self as Spirit, it will become lost in not only its false images as thoughts but the feelings that these thoughts give rise to, as well as their physical manifestations that hold us enthralled, to the point we forget about meditation altogether and live in illusion aka our creations of thought. If we are not to become lost in our own illusions, the mind must stay unleavened. Unrisen. Still. So still, that eventually, instead of the mind rising it falls into itself and deepens in Consciousness. It falls so deeply into itself it enters another realm that heretofore, it never knew it existed. This is when realization of the multidimensional Being begins. This is when we truly start to wake up in the dream.

The conscious mind as a physical manifestation of Vessel-Consciousness must marry the subconscious mind of Present Moment Awareness if it is to have any hope of waking up in the dream. Present Moment Awareness which the subconscious is basically is the door to the Spiritual Realms. It is through the Now moment of your Inner I that Spirit guides us intuitively and makes itself known, in turn liberating us from the false identify of being form.

Vessel-Consciousness or the conscious mind aka thought, rising in one thought after another is just daydreaming - illusion maya - a maze where you continually chase your tail. But Mind-Consciousness expanding in Present Moment Awareness is reality. It is NOW and your true Self is the Now.

That is what the homosexual verses in the bible allude too. They have nothing to do with relationships between the same sex regarding men and women. They are saying do not let the conscious mind or Mind-Consciousness, which is male energy, rise in consciousness (thought) for they will birth an abomination. The conscious mind is always referred to as male or yang energy. The subconscious awareness is always referred as female or yin energy. Consciousness (male energy) must expand or rise in awareness (soul) which is female energy. Together they birth the Christ or the Son of God aka true Self. Consciousness rising in consciousness - meaning thought creating thought always creates an abomination and is incapable of true creation.

To conclude, you need not take thought for yourself when you as Mind-Consciousness know yourself as Awareness/Soul, for you are intuitively feed by the Holy Ghost that is the all-knowing Father. Awareness is not a thinker - it is a knower. It is omniscient. You will just know what to do, what to say, what to think, and what to be in each and every moment. This is living by Faith under Grace. Grace means complete alignment of all aspects of Being. In this manner, One is at peace for copious thoughts and feelings do not divide one's house, robbing one like a den of thieves, of their attention, meant for Spirit. The prodigal Son has returned home to his father's house and is at his leisure in and as the Now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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