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You will not think to change anything, including your mind until you are aware you have too. Until awareness dawns you will keep doing what you have always done. It is truly that simple. Awareness comes to ways - directly through from Spirit that works through the Soul which in turn works through the subconscious that makes aware the conscious mind and two from experience outside the 'personal' mind from other minds

Awareness is the Soul (Producer) which is directed by Spirit. I Spirit Am Awareness - this is the true and eternal Self.

Mind aka thought is their combined creation born in their image. I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am subconscious mind. I am that I am.

The conscious mind aka thought is the vessel for Spirit and the subconscious mind is the vessel for Soul. Everyone's subconscious collectively represents the fullness of Soul which is what we term the present moment. Therefore, you can see, we are not only present in the moment as the conscious mind but the presence of the moment as the subconscious mind.

It is important to thoroughly understand that mind consciousness aka thought - which is the vessel for Spiritual Consciousness is still an empty vessel at this point in our evolution. An empty vessel is called the ego or the false sense of Self as it is devoid of its true Intelligence as Spirit. The unrealized mind is what we term 'the thinker'. The thinker is moved and grown by firstly the Soul (Awareness) through Karma (experience) and occasionally Spirit (Consciousness) through intuition such as clairvoyance, Claircognizance or some other type of Spiritual gift. The gifts or talents one is born with depends on our own individual level of Consciousness which is determined by our evolution within the whole.

When one is fully realized one lives by intuition alone having worked out their Karma. Intuition however always passes through the Soul so instead of Karma one experiences synchronicity and serendipity which people often refer to at the 'Zone' or the 'Flow". One is fully realized when the conscious mind aka thought sits within the subconscious/present moment/Soul awaiting direct tuition from within by Spirit. This is one's being fully aligned. This is life living itself.

Self-Realization is when the conscious mind realizes its true Self as Spirit. Until the time the conscious mind is unrealized.

One is Unrealized when one's mind rises out of the subconscious/present moment and into thought. Thought that causes the two minds to separate are egoic or false images. Thought that experienced while the two minds are together are called true images as they were inspired by Soul being Spirit. False images are created by a mind unaware or ignorant of its true Self as Spirit.

The mind, or one's personality is like a highly advanced computer programme that will keep doing what it was programmed to do in its predetermined environment until new information is downloaded, and you become AWARE that change is necessary. It is your Soul that brings this awareness as directed by your true Self as Spirit. It is your mind that becomes more conscious of being Awareness. Once the mind is conscious of being Awareness it can embody its true Consciousness. This is when mind and Spiritual consciousness becomes One through Awareness. The vessel, finally being full of light and no longer blind but can see therefore does not need to take thought - to measure and judge as one that lives in darkness.

Awareness (Undifferentiated) is the true Self even though it is formless, therefore 'Self' is just a word. It means nothing. Spirit is the true intelligence, that works through the love of Soul, that is behind both mind and body. They are the true doers, the true thinkers. Spirit thinks, Soul loves. Together they are a wisdom that is a beautiful force in the world. Together they are life living YOU.

All this time you thought you were the thinker and the doer, but you are neither. You are the witness that testifies. A puppet to the true Self, whose strings are being pulled daily. Be humble and surrender yourself to Thy Self in the moment of conscious awareness. Be conscious, be aware, be now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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