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Why do all metaphysical teachers', gurus, and the like, speak of the Now so often and with such vigour? What is the significance of staying in the now? The present moment? Let me explain...

Awareness (Soul) is the activity of Consciousness (Spirit) like the body is the activity of the mind. They are not two but One. I Spirit Am Soul. I conscious mind am the subconscious mind. I Spirit Am Soul that (is) I conscious mind Am subconscious mind.

Mind Consciousness is a focal point - an "I" of Spirit which is our true and full Consciousness/Self. This "I" or focal point which some refer to as the son of God is projected into the fullness of Soul whose vessel is the present moment. This "I" illuminates a part of the Soul, which is owns calling it, its very own subconscious. The subconscious is a part of the whole Soul which the "I" has claimed as its own. It has dominion over the subconscious as an individual light because it is the only part of the Soul it conscious of. This individual "I" is not conscious of the rest of its Soul so cannot have dominion over it. Each of us as an individual light of Consciousness has dominion over a part of the Soul in its fullness.

At this point in our evolution, the conscious mind is so caught up in its thoughts (illusion), that it has become unconscious of even of its own subconscious which your part of the Soul in the one Soul, which of course is reality. The absolute fullness of Soul aka the present moment is directed by our true and full Consciousness as Spirit that sits behind the Soul. Spirit has full dominion over all being because it is conscious of itself as being All Being. You do not because you as mind consciousness are not conscious of this truth. All you are conscious of is the subconscious - a small part of the Soul.

Spirit - your true Self or Consciousness cannot guide you as its focal point, unless you are present in your own subconscious which is your part of the Soul/present moment. The subconscious is the door to the fullness of Soul and Spirit. If you are in thought/illusion/dreaming, it cannot reach you. It cannot reach you because you are unconscious of yourself as Soul while you are attending your thoughts.

Each being's subconscious comes together collectively to become the fullness of Soul. So, our subconscious is a part of the Soul, and the Soul IS the present moment, or rather the present moment is a vessel for the fullness of Soul. Therefore, you can see that everyone's subconscious comes together to be the fullness of Soul. Hence why it is so important to love your brothers and sisters as yourself as they ARE your SELF - your true and full Self.

The significant factor about the Now is this; you cannot think in the Now. The ego dies in the Now. The Now requires one's presence of BEING, which means bringing one's attention or thinking mind to one's Awareness of the subconscious which is the door to the fullness of Soul which is directed by your true Consciousness behind it.

Remember thinking and being are two states of mind that cannot coexist at the same time. In fact, they rely on the absence of each other to give themselves definition. If you are not thinking, then you are simply being. If you are being, then you are not thinking. Thinking and being are different states of consciousness. Thinking takes you out of the Now and Being puts you right back in it.

Mind Consciousness cannot be present in the Now/subconscious/Soul if its consciousness aka attention or presence is caught up in itself thinking. For example, if you are asleep and dreaming when I come to visit you, you will not be conscious I was there. Can you see the discrepancy? The Now and thought are two different states of consciousness - two different realities, two different dimensions: the mental realm and the Spiritual realm. One's attention- one's presence cannot be in two places at once. It cannot be in thought and the present moment at the same time. When you are thinking you are caught up in illusion. When you are being you are in the Soul aka present moment/subconscious/Soul. It is vital to be in The Now, as behind the Soul or subconscious is your true Self or your true Consciousness guiding it. If you as the focal point of this true Consciousness are not in the Soul, then you are not in your temple to be illuminated and guided - you are not able to receive the gifts of Spirit.

Therefore, in order to know your true Self - your true Consciousness as a focal point, son or vessel of it, you must be present in the subconscious/present moment/soul as opposed to your imagination or thoughts. You must first become conscious of yourself as Awareness (Soul) so that you can become conscious of yourself as the Spirit behind Soul/Awareness guiding it. In short, you must become conscious of yourself as Awareness (Soul) in order to embrace and embody your true and full Consciousness as Spirit.

By Tracy Pierce

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