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The trap we fall into that gives rise to the disconnect between all creatures great and small as well as manifestations of poverty, war, disease, famine etc is identifying as the mind and body in which we consequently use the mind to create life rather than reveal it. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We lead from Spirit, not from mind.

The mind reveals the life that Spirit or Cause created. The mind is not meant to create life itself. If it does it will create limitation and duality which of course is its nature. Its nature will produce disconnect between each other and the planet, due to its disconnect to Spirit (as above so below) and yes will produce health and abundance but will also produce its opposite. Where half the world are dying of obesity the other half will be dying of starvation as the world currently depicts.

Spirit does not create disease, poverty or disconnect between ourselves and the planet. It is the mind that does without the influence/presence of Spirit to guide it. If Spirit were present in our daily lives, you would not see the abominations of creation you see today. However, Spirit cannot guide the mind yet as the mind cannot think what it does not know. The mind is not conscious of itself Spiritually so cannot produce the fruits of Spirit. It has no choice then to live by the tree of knowledge, producing both good and evil. The mind is a terrible trap to fall into. The thinking mind is nothing but a maze that leads nowhere but to suffering. The only way out of the maze is through knowing thyself Spiritually.

Until you know yourself as Spirit you will continue to see poverty AND abundance, health AND sickness, peace, AND war because life at this point in our evolution is a manifestation of the egoic mind, that is dual in nature, not the true mind that is One with all being.

If you want to know yourself Spiritually then lose the thinking mind and adopt the being mind that is led by Awareness aka Soul that is omniscient. That will guide you moment by moment intuitively, serendipitously and with synchronicity.

~ Tracy Pierce

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