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When you identify with the I of the Mind or the I of the Son - the reflection of the true I - the mind is misused. Identification with this I - the reflected I, will have you using it for the creation of your life, which is an illusion, rather than the reality of the true I. This is not the purpose of mind. The purpose of Mind is to be the bridge between the physical and the Spiritual. Its purpose is to reveal life, not create it by taking thought. The mind reveals thought - reveals the Divine Word in Effect, originating in and inspired by Spirit - Cause. NOT mind - not the mental realm. It is an instrument - a mechanical pre-programmed insentient EFFECT - with no life of its own. Without the alignment of the true I of the Father, it is but a dead work. There is ONLY one consciousness witnessing life through billions of I's and Life is Am. I am I.

However, people are enamoured with their reflection. Fascinated. Worse yet, identified with it. And because of this, they are not Master of It. You cannot master the mind as mind. You must rise above the mind into and AS Awareness aka Soul, where you will meet your true, I abides. Here the two I's become One again, in that the Son recognizes himself in the Father. The Soul is the only place you are going to align and merge with your true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) - the Unmanifest.

There is only one door to the realization of Self and that is found in your subconscious which is a reflection of 'part' of the Soul aka Awareness. The Subconscious is a physical - a vessel like differentiation of Soul also known as Am. The collective Subconscious is the Present (I) Moment (Am).

The Subconscious is not a thinker like the Conscious Mind that is thought being a reflection of Spiritual Consciousness. The Subconscious is a reflection of Soul which is the activity (Awareness) of Consciousness. She is the movement of Life. Love. Soul. Am. She expands consciously into the Incarnate Soul - aka etherical body that reincarnates before rising and then dissolving into and as the One true Soul of all being and Non-Being. She is the Body of I - the activity of Consciousness. Our true Self. The Am of I.

The Soul is like the Eyeball that lives in a mirror-less existence. It can never see itself for it is the Eye (I) doing the looking. It can only 'be still and 'know' itself with and as the experience of 'I am an eyeball. I am I.

People think thinking is an experience - a being now but it's not. It is the opposite of being Now aka being fully present. This is what many cannot see yet. Thinking is akin to sleeping. You are unconscious when you think but because you are dreaming while sleeping, you don't realize this. You don't realize you were dreaming until you wake it truly is an insidious affair - one minute you are awake, the next your asleep, nodded off at the wheel...and before you know it, you are drinking tea with Mrs Nesbit.

Consciousness can never cease to exist - that which was not born cannot die. But it can and does sleep and dream. It is like we know logically no new Souls can ever be born for there is only ONE Consciousness being omnipresent, and that this Consciousness is absolute in every way. The One Absolute can only divide itself into the illusion of two. It can never actually be two. It can only give the illusion of a beginning and End - that is not an actual reality. Okay I'll give the jig up and concede that admittedly thinking IS an experience of being - but it is an experience of sleeping, dreaming - including nightmares. It is unconsciousness - albeit an illusionary unconsciousness but still - not a favourable existence lol. Limitation, separation, and duality rarely is.

The Ego forms when the eyeball does see itself in the mirror. It becomes so mesmerised by its own beauty, so in love with its own image, it quite forgets itself lol. Then - after falling fast asleep (identifying with thought), it believes itself to be the reflection it is looking at. You cannot see the true Self with the eyes of flesh. You cannot know the true Self through sensory perception; therefore, you cannot build knowledge of the true Self, which puts it beyond the minds reach to control. Naturally Spirit is what controls the mind in the same way mind controls the body which cannot build knowledge of mind beyond its capabilities that are less being of denser substance, therefore, much more limited.

You can only see with the I of Being. This is what people don't understand yet and why they are not finding their true Self. They are trying to know it like they learn to know everything else - as an object and the true Self is not an object. This use or mode of mind will not serve. People don't know how to look and see with the I of knowing yet but slowly this I is waking - it is opening individually - collectively as One. Just remember, at the end of the day, nothing in form can inform you about that which has no form. The eyes - knowledge (which is informed by the eyes of flesh) - will do you no good here. Only knowing Awareness can breathe the truth into you and only when you as the I of Mind Consciousness are present as the Presence in and of her aka Am or Soul - This Moment.

This is why thoughts cannot help you. They only hinder you. You cannot see clearly with an active mind set. The mind has to be still enough to reflect its true Self into itself as Mind. Once that image has been reflected upon the mind you can, as mind can now know it, and then process it into knowledge which is a denser manifestation, a more limited edition of the Divine Word. The denser the manifestation, the more limited it is.

Bear in mind, whatever is revealed through mind as mind, is still only an image of the truth and not the truth itself. All appearances and reflections born in and of Effect are real in their eternal beingness as Effect It is the forms Effect assumes that are not eternal. That are temporary. When the Divine idea/word originates in and as Cause, it is a pure image in that remains unsullied by an over active mind with a will of its own, which distorts, delays and disables the Divine Word with its filtration process during manifestation. The truth, when the mind is not in an egoic state delivers into physical manifestation an image that is physically, unfiltered, unfettered, and free of all mental concepts created by a mind that lives in ignorance - insanity. In other words, the clean mind, devoid of ego delivers a pure and true reflection of itself in and as the Unmanifest.

~ Tracy Pierce

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