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Undifferentiated Awareness is the one true Soul. The one true Soul is the body or activity of Consciousness which is Spirit. Both are born of the Causative realms. Both are formless and beyond the egoic mind to grasp.

The mind is a reflection of both. A vessel for Spirit which is nonconceptual and Soul, which is undifferentiated, in order to know and experience itself in the physical. The conscious mind is a vessel for Consciousness/Spirit and the subconscious mind is a vessel for Awareness/Soul.

Just as Spirit and Soul are one, so too is the conscious and subconscious mind in the realized state. In the realized state both minds work together as one to become a pure channel through which both Spirit and Soul operate. In the unrealized state the conscious and subconscious mind are fractured and disconnected to each other.

The mind is often referred to as the incarnated Soul. An individual Soul that lives within and as the One Soul. One could say the incarnated Soul or mind is a dream of Spirit/Soul. Many lifetimes are spent in which the Spirit/Soul moulds the Incarnate Soul/Mind, like a potter does clay, into a shape physically that can contain the fullness of their non-being.

The conscious mind is our Spiritual I when it is not used to create thought. When it is used to create thought in response to what the eyes of flesh behold, its spiritual vision is lost as the mind becomes egoic. You will note that all thought springs from this Inner I. In fact, the Inner I is nothing but thought. If it rises, it will rise into many different thoughts which divide the temple or house aka mind. Instead of our consciousness - our I am-ness living in the reality of NOW, it lives in its own thoughts instead which are out pictured or manifested onto the world stage.

The subconscious mind is the body of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind holds all our intentions for this incarnation as well as the complete history of all our lifetimes up until this present point. The subconscious mind also houses the emotional body which some refer to as the pain body. The emotional body becomes the pain body when the conscious mind is held in an egoic state of being. Every time a thought rises so too does a corresponding emotion. Emotions the conscious mind is rarely conscious of due the conscious mind repressing due to avoidance of the pain emotions often bring in response to a divided mind.

Spirit cannot work through the conscious mind until it is working in harmony as one with the subconscious mind. This is because Spirit works through the One Soul and the One soul through the subconscious and the subconscious through the conscious. This is the pathway of Spirit. Any disconnect will misalign this pathway rendering the conscious mind blind of Spiritual vision.

Therefore, the way back to our true Self is firstly to connect the conscious and subconscious minds though mediation/mindfulness. In the harmony and peace of the now 'oneness' of our mind, a channel is created which allows the love of Soul to raise us up into itself, where Spirit is able to intuitively inspire our lives.

The mind unable to perceive the shape of Soul in its undifferentiated formless, finds it all around it. Its presence fills the mind - the Inner I with love and humbles the heart.

~ Tracy Pierce

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