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Your thoughts as an egoic mind are no more the real you than they are for anyone else. The I am-ness that you believe is you is only that of the vessel that contains your true Consciousness when realized. This vessel must stay within the awareness of the subconscious - the Am of your vessel beingness in meditation to await the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. Together the minds 'I am' is the Temple through which the true I AM that you are - the true Self abides to experience itself in physicality. I am that I am.

Like you, people have mis-identified themselves as the vessel, as a mind and body and have therefore misused the mind, which in turn generates egoic thought aka false images that do not serve themselves half the time never mind the rest of the world. Until we do realize our true Self, we must find a way to get on in the world where we are spiritually disconnected to each other, not truly realizing our oneness.

The trick is to love people despite themselves, despite their thoughts, for they are as much a victim of their thoughts as you are to yours. We all affect each other one way or another as a victim of our minds to one degree or another.

The Universal Mind is hard to break free of. You know how hard it is to meditate and practice mindfulness. You know how hard it is to resist thought. You know how hard it is to change yourself. You know how difficult it is to find yourself - your true Self in that Silence. You know first-hand how hard life can be.

Therefore, have compassion and empathy as people find their way back to themselves. Give people the love and understanding you need. Forgive them their mistakes as you need forgiveness for yours.

Love in the way you need to be loved, with understanding and compassion. We are all doing our best in a world in which we are separated from our truth.

~ Tracy Pierce

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