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The mind strives for peace, not realizing that it is in the striving that peace is lost. Only the egoic mind seeks and strives. The Zen mind already IS conscious of being at peace. Therefore, it is not so much what we do to realize the truth Self but what we do not do. We do not add to our understanding, but rather take away what is inhibiting our realization of our true Self.

The egoic mind continually rises in thought, taking one's consciousness or presence away with it, rendering one's living temple of Awareness that is ever-present in and as The Now, vacant, and unavailable for intuition to guide you. For intuition comes through the door of the subconscious. If the conscious mind has gone off on its own buzz, absent in one's awareness in and of the Now (for they are One) the conscious mind is no longer present to receive intuitive guidance.

The true mind, the Zen mind, is a single thought of consciousness, held open in and of awareness which constitutes both the individual and collective Soul that IS the NOW. In this manner one's awareness of being expands into itself revealing deeper dimensions of our existence or being. Through the door of the subconscious, lies the Incarnate Soul being Spirit that is embodied by the One true Soul being Spirit aka Conscious Awareness.

You do not look for peace ever, nor do you create it. Peace already IS. It is your true nature. It is your true self. One simply takes away what is inhibiting the realization of truth, and the truth will have no choice but to reveal itself.

The mind is not a creator of life, it is a revealer of life. Intuition and instinct are given to us subconsciously, through the inner I that has joined with our subconscious awareness. Intuition if born of Spirit and instinct of Soul. The lower mind then analyses and creates blueprints (via thinking) of this intuition IN-formation. Knowing is translated into knowledge for the subconscious to manifest into the physical.

Always remember this. You are already Peace. Life is already perfect. It is perfect because in truth you are the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end. All has been completed. All that can be created has been. Now take away everything that is inhibiting the realization of this. You can do it bit by bit if you like, many do. Or you can pull the problem out by the root and be done with it entirely. This requires commitment & discipline to mindfulness & meditation, for the act of incessant thinking is the root of all your problems. Literally.

Trust in the LORD (True Self) with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. - Proverbs 3:5-6

Be of single mind with a faithful heart and be guided on high for always in all ways.

~ Tracy Pierce

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