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Spirit (Consciousness), Soul (Awareness), Conscious mind, Subconscious mind is the Present Moment of NOW, when in alignment with each other. This is your true and full Self. I Spirit Am Soul being I conscious mind am subconscious mind. I am that I am. It is you - your I am-ness being fully conscious and aware of all aspects of being ONE multidimensionally. This is the totality of reality. This is living within Self-Realization and liberation from the egoic mind. It is life living itself through billions of avatars.

On the flip side, as the ego yet to be realized, one is only aware of themselves as the conscious mind which IS thought and the body of thought. You know yourself that this is true, for all you know of yourself at this point in time is your thoughts and their body both individually and collectively - meaning your body and the body of the world. You are not particularly familiar with your subconscious, and you are not conscious of yourself as Soul or Spirit.

Therefore, as an unrealized being, unconscious of the Spiritual realms as well as a big portion of your own mind such as the subconscious, one learns to fear life. We fear life because we are spiritually blind, and unconsciously know it. However, we should not fear the unknown for the unknown is where the rest of our true Self resides. An 'Us" we are not conscious of yet. Yet! I can promise you now that there is not one soul that will not experience Self-Realization aka the fullness of the One soul at some point in this life or lives to come. It is the fate of all.

As an unrealized being you are only aware of a small portion of your entire reality, therefore the thoughts created in this state are false and limited. These egoic thoughts are created by a being that is ignorant of its true reality. Therefore, the physical reality these thoughts bring forth are also false and limited. They are not reality at all, even though millions of present-day sleepwalkers, will disagree with this and assert what they are indeed experiencing is reality. Their understanding is, if you can feel and see it, it is reality. There is no reality is sickness and disease, poverty, and war. These are all false and limited manifestations taken from a false and limited mindset. A mind devoid of the truth.

If the mind were conscious of its true Self as Soul being Spirit, it would manifest physical conditions that are filled with Spiritual love and intelligence (wisdom). However, we as a whole are not conscious of these aspects of our being, therefore we cannot bring them consciously into the physical world. The mind cannot think what it does not know and what it does not know it cannot manifest. Instead, we manifest the absence of love which is a nonpower with no life of its own. The terrible things that happen in this world are akin to terrible things that happen in nightmares. They are not real, and you will realize this upon waking. It is too much to ask for you to realize their non-reality in the egoic state for you will not believe it. You are too hypnotised by the physical reality of being.

A lucid dreamer is guided by Spirit, unlike the mind that has no awareness of Spirit.

It would be prudent then, for you, as the conscious mind to become conscious of being Awareness aka Soul and in becoming aware, to go with the flow of life living itself without trying to manipulate life to go according to your egoic thoughts. Your subconscious, your Spirit, your Soul and Life itself work together and know what they are about. Surrender to them. Be One with them. Be still and know that 'I AM'.

~ Tracy Pierce

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