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Spirit, Soul, Conscious mind, Subconscious mind, The Present Moment of NOW, when in alignment is your true and full Self. It is you fully conscious and aware of all aspects of your being. This is the totality of reality. This is living - this is Self-Realization and liberation from the egoic mind.

However , on the flip side, as a conscious mind yet to be realized, one is only aware of themselves as the conscious mind aka thought and body. Therefore, as an unrealized being, not conscious of the Spiritual realms or even a big portion of your own mind, do not fear the unknown for the unknown is where the rest of you resides. A 'You" you are not conscious of - yet.

As an unrealized being you are only aware of a small portion of your entire being (meaning only the conscious mind/thought). To all intent and purposes, you might say that you are mostly unconscious or asleep. For what you are conscious of is a dream or perhaps nightmare, due to being created by the egoic mind rather than Spirit itself. You could in fact assert that you were not truly living. Rather you are dreaming. Literally. Which is fine, however if you want your dreams to come true, then you must become lucid in the full realization of Self.

A lucid dreamer is guided by Spirit, unlike the mind that has no awareness of Spirit. The mind cannot create nor bring forward into physicality what it is not aware of.

It would be prudent then, for you, as the conscious mind to become conscious of being aware and in becoming aware, to go with the flow. Your subconscious, your Spirit, your Soul and Life itself work together and know what they are about. Surrender to them. Be One with them. Be still and know that 'I AM'

~ Tracy Pierce

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