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The conscious mind is thought. It is your I. Some call it the Inner I and some the 3rd I. This I is either what one creates thought/life with or what one uses to rest in the stillness and silence of one's awareness, both subconsciously as well as, in and of the moment, while awaiting Spiritual guidance.

The conscious mind is the I of the I am you refer to yourself as. Your Am is your subconscious. The subconscious is the collective activity of the conscious mind as well as the collective activity of previous incarnations of the I. It is also the door to the superconscious - your true Self.

You refer to yourself as 'I am the mind and body', but this is not the true Self - this is not the I am of Spirit that is eternal. This I am, is the vessel of Spirit and often referred to as the false Self. It is consciousness as Spirit is consciousness, but it is reflection or vessel of Consciousness and not the true eternal full Self. I am that I am. I am spirit that I am mind/body, or I am Cause that I am Effect. We know ourselves as Effect but not Cause which severely undermines our demonstrations and manifestations in the physical. We are living on a half-life - a rebel without a literal Cause.

The conscious mind must become conscious of itself as awareness for Awareness is Soul being Spirit aka one's true Self. Just as the subconscious (am) is the activity of the conscious mind (I) so Soul (AM) is the activity of Spirit (I). The all need to be aligned for Spirit to guide the mind aright. The son (mind/consciousness) can only know the Father (Spirit/Consciousness) through the mother (Soul/Awareness).

This is done in degrees. First one becomes conscious of and heals the emotional body within the subconscious which is our emotional awareness. When both the conscious and subconscious minds are resting in meditative peace that is aka present moment awareness, our consciousness expands and deepens to know the depth of our true Awareness as Soul.

This is done by the conscious mind or Inner I staying present in the moment where the subconscious always resides. This can only be done when one is not present in thought. If one is present in thought, then they are absent in the moment. You cannot be present in thought and the moment at the same time. It is impossible. One cannot be in two rooms at once.

Once you are in the moment and out of thought the ego dies. Ego can only live with thinking. When thinking ends so does the ego. Consider - what are you without all your memories or expectations, and judgments. You simply cannot exist as an ego without thought. Without thought, memories, expectations and judgments cannot arise. Without thought you cannot claim a personal self. You can claim a self but not a personal self. Perversely when the personal I am dies the impersonal and true I am lives. This is what is meant when it said we must die of the flesh and be born again of Spirit. We must cease identifying as the I am of mind and know ourselves as the I AM of Spirit.

This does not take us out of the mind dream, it wakes us up in it.

This conscious mind when egoic or personalized rises out of the temple aka the subconscious//present moment, like a wave rolling out of the sea and separates itself from its own lighthouse so to speak. It cannot receive intuitive guidance if it is not in its temple. It must instead live by judgment and measurement via thinking. The egoic mind lives by the tree of knowledge and the true mind lives by the tree of life. You could liken the egoic state of mind to a runaway train without a driver.

However, by being fully conscious or present in one's Awareness, one is bringing to life all of one's potential for this incarnation. One is fulfilling one's destiny. This is opposed to giving one's consciousness or presence to the thinking process that is like a branch cut off from the vine.

Contrarily one must lose themselves as a personal thinking self to find themselves 'being' the true Self. You as Consciousness, must lose your personal sense of self that thinks, for the true Self that is Awareness being Now. It’s all about the unity of consciousness and awareness of both mind and Spirit.

It's all about being Conscious of being Awareness. It all about knowing yourself experientially as Spirit being Soul eternally while temporarily occupying an avatar for the same reason Michelangelo sculptured stone - because he reportedly saw an angel in them.

I have been crucified (Mind) with Christ (true mind); and it is no longer I (personal self) who live, but Christ (true mind revealing Spirit) lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, true mind expressing the true Self) who loved me and gave Himself up for me. (True Self lives within mind). - Galatians 2:20

~ Tracy Pierce

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