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The male and female minds are One. When they come together as One, they are the purified Omega (Effect) that is able to merge with the Alpha (Cause). Seeing I to I bestows spiritual vision.

The Conscious Mind is the masculine

The Subconscious Mind is the feminine

The Conscious Mind must give all his attention to the Subconscious, providing the light necessary to make conscious what is unconscious. Once she is healed, he will stop rising in thought - leaving the Temple, to settle down with her to rest in peace - to die of themselves and be born again of Spirit.

For in this purified state, they together as One are a conduit - channel for the true Self, which is realized in and as them once they are at peace.

In this manner the Impersonal Spirit lives through the personal Soul Aka Subconscious which is the door to the Spiritual realms, and impresses upon the I of Mind intuitive guidance.

~ Tracy Pierce

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