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Stop thinking, judging analysing weighing, comparing, and measuring everything about life and just be in and as the moment, that is led by the omniscience of one's true Self as Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). Once one starts being in the moment, one starts becoming the moment, which is a vessel for the totality of Soul aka Awareness. Awareness is the body or activity of Consciousness aka Spirit.

Ones Consciousness of mind deepens into their own Awareness, which over time and the deepening of Consciousness allows one to be led by one's true Consciousness as Spirit rather than merely the Consciousness of mind. The egoic mind is an empty vessel until it has been filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition that guides the mind and body throughout Life. The Consciousness of mind when cut off from itself Spiritually is severely limited and dualistic. When the Consciousness of Mind is One with the Consciousness of Spirit, omniscience flows through the Soul into the mind. This is why one can live without constantly taking thought as we do in today's world. The mind can only see from a personal perspective, therefore, must continually weigh and measure. There is no need to rest on the lower mind which must continually judge to get by in life. When the mind is aligned with itself Spiritually it is guided by omniscience for Spirit can see from all perspectives due to Spirit being everything and one. In Spirit there are no others.

"Every thought is a judgement" - Eckhart Tolle

"Love is the absence of judgement" - Dalai Lama

Let life unfold. Let it be. Being is the absence of thinking. The definition of being is no-thinking. All that thinking creates a false reality based on the limited perspective of a mind cut off from its true Self as Spirit. Hence, a false sense of self is created and identified with called the Ego. If you, as Mind-Consciousness are present in a stream of thoughts rather than the moment, which is the totally of one's true body as Soul, then how much of reality are you really conscious of? Reality being the true Self.

Your judgements about reality are not real. Your memories about the past are not real. Your projections about tomorrow are not real. There is no other reality other than the present moment. Period. If the present moment is hell, it is because you have created it with the thinking mind. Stop thinking and the moment will heal itself the way the everything does when we stop abusing it. Reality or life is not something for the mind to create but to reveal.

The mind, which is Effect has confused itself with Cause, therefore, believes it must create a life via the intellect - via itself. The mind is not Cause. It is Effect. Like the Consciousness of body, the Consciousness of Mind is Effect which means it will pass away, morphing into another form for Cause to use as an instrument. To identify as mind/body is to live in fear of losing your life. To know Thy Self as Spirit (I) being Soul (Am), which is impersonal, beyond the personal I am Consciousness of mind/body is to experience life eternal without the fear of one day not existing.

Imagine for a moment, being without thinking. No memories to depress you, no particular expectations that bring anxiety, no particular likes or dislikes aka conditions based on memories or expectations, nor any personal sense of self that you identify with as being your life. Therefore, no one or thing can exploit you. Without your childhood story, without all your ideas concepts and beliefs, then who are you? No body, right? At least no body personally. You are simply the universe unfolding via a uniquely individualized avatar. Aware of being everything while living through one thing at the same time, for a time. This is the same as playing a part in a movie. Though you are fully immersed in the part, you never forget you are an actor.

You are Conscious of being Awareness aka Soul - the undifferentiated body of Spirit working through the Incarnate Soul (Mind/body) to experience life in the physical. You can see now why your name is I am that I am right? I am Spirit/Soul that I am mind/body. With this understanding, you would be creating life from the Spiritual realm as opposed to the mental realm. You would have the vision of many rather than the vision of one. This does not mean you lose your individual personality. On the contrary, you celebrate it, as you would a new Christmas present, without undue attachment or fear of losing it because you are not identified with it. In other words, your life does not depend on it. You are not afraid to live for you are not afraid to die.

Everyone has a unique personality, just as every car made has a particular make of its own causing it to drive differently to other cars. However, in not identifying with the car, thereby not creating thoughts about it, one allows the true personality, shaped by Spirit to come forth, without egoic thoughts distorting one's real personality that shines when it is not in fear. You know you are a different, more loving person when you are not inhibited by your mind and thoughts that cause you to be anxious or depressed. Moreover, in not identifying as the car, one is not limited to just being a car. If you identify as a car, then you are limited to the function of a car. If you identify as the Cause or Creator of the Car and know yourself experientially (not theoretically) to be so, then your limitations are much less, for your vision is far more. You will travel a lot further in that car if your vision originates from Spirt, rather than mind. If you knew you were the driver or Creator of the car, then you are much less limited by it. In fact, it would be fair to say you would have dominion over said car. You would not have dominion over this car you only knew yourself to be a car. Just as the mind cannot control the mind any more than the body can control the body. It takes the mind to control the body as it takes Spirit to control the mind.

Clearly then, if you wish to cease thinking and start being in the moment, due to attaining the right understanding, then you will realize, as mind you cannot stop thought. You cannot control yourself. All you can do is focus thought on Spirit - on Soul aka Awareness. Soul is the Present Moment. Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am). The focus and discipline needed to keep the mind focused in and as the moment is built throughout every lifetime via karmic experience. Karmic experience is the natural law of life. Life being Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). So, life is continually preparing you, its avatar, to be an instrument of its peace. Your focus in the Now will starve incessant thoughts. Your Soul will feed you. Your focus is fine-tuned by Life itself. The mind has always been an instrument of Spirit, even in its wayward unconsciousness.

You would be surprised how little thought is truly needed to live a life of grace and beauty. Let your mind and body be at ease and relax within the moment - within the totality of Soul. Trust your purified heart aka subconscious which being a part of the Soul, not apart from it, that is directed by Spirit - one's true Consciousness. Surrender your Consciousness of Mind to your true and eternal Consciousness of Spirit. Let them merge as One through the heart, the Soul. Trust Spirit to guide you without continually relying on your mind to hustle and bustle your way through life blind. Let your true self move you and reveal its Your true Self - your true I am, will move you as the minds I am, with a sense of knowing exactly what to do, be and say in any given moment if your Consciousness is focused on or present in and as it.

Awareness - Soul is everything!!! In order to wake up to this reality, your Conscious mind must step out of its illusionary thoughts and become conscious of its own Awareness - its own Soul. This means holding the conscious mind (attention) in the awareness of the moment without escaping through thinking, drugs, alcohol etc. Holding a meditative mind in which egoic thoughts and feelings are stilled, allows the conscious mind to become conscious of one's Soul aka Awareness behind them. Egoic thoughts and feelings, as well as their manifestations, distract the minds consciousness, causing it to be absent in its Temple of Present Moment Awareness, where intuitive guidance is delivered via Spirit.

Self-Realization is going from a personal sense of self that is created by the mental realm of finite form to an impersonal sense of Self that is Spiritual, unlimited, formless & eternal. It is going beyond the temporary Temple of the minds "I am" to the true and eternal I AM of Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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