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Life has a natural intelligence that innately knows what your purpose is. DNA/RNA found in every living thing within the universe is testimony to this assertion. We are hard-wired, to live our best life before we even take one thought to screw it all up. In fact, looking around at the perfection of all living matter that does not think, which is literally everything in the world that is not human, it would suggest that thinking is perhaps more of a hindrance to life than not. We are the only species on earth that cannot live in harmony with ourselves, each other, or our environment. We are the only species on earth that lives for ourselves at the expense of the whole. This is so because we are ' apparently ' intelligent due to our ability to use the mind, - that is when it is not using us. I think it would be fair to say that we have not yet reached the point in our evolution whereby the Consciousness and Awareness of mind is truly understood, therefore mastered.

“Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.” - Albert Einstein

The thinking mind is clearly not the best use of mind. If it was, we would not be experiencing the reality we are today in which the mind, body and the body of the world are all suffering some level of dis ease that has us teetering on the verge of extinction either as an individual, an individual species or the collective as a whole.

Surely, right use of mind would see people in harmony with each other and the universe like everything else that does not suffer from the thinking mind. Of course, that means absolutely nothing when looking at the big picture for we make every living thing suffer with our thinking mind, irrespective of how perfectly they live or how in harmony they are with each other. Look at all the animals that are extinct - forests - sea beds etc. Pollution. All the victims of war in one way or another. This is insanity inflicted upon the world by the thinking mind. Sane minds do not collectively create the reality we are living in. They do not create a weapon to destroy themselves if they are emotionally triggered.

Perhaps the conscious mind is not meant to create life but to witness it. Perhaps the Subconscious mind that does 95% of all functions regarding the body is the door to a higher Consciousness meant to direct our lives, as opposed to the Consciousness of mind, that clearly in and of itself is - well insane due to being unable to master itself. Maybe we are meant to apperceive from the Subconscious, rather than perceive from the Conscious Mind. Maybe it is as Spiritual Consciousness, expressed in and as the Awareness of Soul reflected in and as the Present Moment/ Subconscious that we, as the Conscious Mind, are meant to become conscious of, thereby giving governance too, rather than thinking we are the ones in control? The doer of life.

It appears to have worked the for sages that live in the ‘effortless’ peace and harmony many of us strive for.

Maybe if we stopped thinking long enough to be present in the reality of Now, we would realize there is a whole other dimension of our ‘being’ that will master the mind in a way the thinking mind has not. Perhaps the idea of discovering another dimension of our being, beyond what we know our existence as now is not that farfetched. After all it has happened before according to our evolutionary history. At one point within our evolution as Consciousness, we went from being an amoeba to becoming a homosapien, which allowed us to become consciously aware of the mental realm and our ability to think. According to evolution, we at one point had the IQ of a facial hair. Now, thx to the interdimensional discovery of the mental realm, without our own Consciousness we are building skyscrapers, while circling Mars. As history would have it, there was a whole other dimension to our being we that had, as a tadpole evolving into an amphibian come homosapien, yet to be realize, explore, and develop. The logical notion of yet another dimension within our Consciousness being a reality, yet to be realized, is in my opinion more probable an idea than possible, even for the cynical sceptic.

So, here we are again at the very beginning stages of realizing yet another dimension of our being within our evolutionary existence as Mind Consciousness. Such a realization is experienced through embodying a different state of mind, that is not constantly thinking. Thinking of course will still has its place – just not the leading role it has now. Rather Being will be new thinking. A ‘Being’ and ‘Meditative state of mind that has evolved out of the suffering of the thinking mind. In my opinion, this is our next grand step forward that will have as much impact on our understanding of Consciousness and reality as the thinking mind did back in its day.

This superior state of Consciousness, apart from my own experience, according to the to the testimony of many respected guru’s and metaphysicians that have realized this dimension of being beyond the mental realm, is realized and experienced by a mind that is deeply present in the moment. This hyper-alert state of Present Moment Awareness allows one as consciousness of mind to deepen within and as its own Awareness, revealing a superior state of Consciousness that eases the present day suffering and insanity which has seen humanity create a mouse-trap for itself while it self-destructs like a cancer cell ignorantly destroying its own body.

The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake. As the children of the sun began to awake. - Led Zeppelin

~ Tracy Pierce

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