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A high IQ will not help you in the process of Self Realization. On the contrary, it could very well hinder you for the thinking mind is the impostor veiling the reality of one's true Self in and of Spirit. It is not the thinking mind that will bring one to self-realization but the being mind, which of course is the death of the thinking mind. If one is present in the moment, then one is absent in the process of thinking. If one is present in thinking, then one ceases to be present in the moment. Try it and see if what I say is not true. You will see that it is. The thinker, the thought and the act of thinking must be brought together as One which is the fullness of Consciousness being Now, rather than a portion of consciousness that is disconnected to the whole. One must lose their body Consciousness that is individual and personal in favour of their true Consciousness that is whole and impersonal. One must cease being IN the moment and become the moment itself. You do not have a life - you are life.

The intellectual in today's world is put on a pedestal and highly prized for his or her ability to consciously memorize, manipulate and utilize thought at high speed. The intellect is not particularly prized however for its ability to remain still steady and mediative, which is unfortunate, because this mindset allows for our true Intelligence beyond Mind, to come forth via intuition. In fact, this kind of mindset is looked upon in today's world as unusual and largely unacceptable, particularly in the world of academia. Mind intelligence is relied upon, not intuition taken from an unknown and unacknowledged Spirit. The owner of the egoic intellect will not take kindly to the idea of relinquishing ownership, identification, and control, as an intellect that which to date, has given him, a very charmed & appreciated existence as an academic in a world that highly prizes and rewards egoism. Such a man would scoff at the idea of another dimension of his being that he was unaware of being mightier than his intellect. The ego in its ignorance would not tolerate that and does not! Fortunately, the days of the Ego's reign are numbered.

People tend not to wake up when the dream is good. When life is a bed or roses. They tend to wake more in or after a nightmare in which the mind proves to be more foe rather than friend. The egoic mind, may seem like a friend a lot of the time but it will betray to you eventually. It's just a matter of time. While in that time you live a sort of half existence, barely conscious of the fullness of your being while creating false physical images that leave their hellish mark in the physical realm, bearing witness to a mind cut off from its Source and true purpose.

The world in its present state today is a perfect replica or representation of the egoic mind mixed with the beauty of Soul being Spirit aka true Self. Spirit flows thought the Subconscious. If the Subconscious is not in a pristine state, it will filter the pure light of Spirit flowing through it, which will only cause the Conscious Mind to rise in thought, which ultimately disturbs the body and the body of the world. However, by keeping the Conscious mind (I) still, we merge with our Subconscious Aka Human Soul (Am) allowing Spiritual Consciousness to use the Mind, rather than one's mind using its own Consciousness to create thought. For that is all the egoic mind is. A mind that is conscious only of its own existence as a mind and body while cut off from its true identity as Conscious Awareness aka Soul (AM) being Spirit (I).

One's inner I aka thought itself, is meant to be the channel for Spirit to flow through as Awareness, guiding our mind (I) and heart (Am) in the creation of true images to bless the world with. This is living by the tree of life. When the Conscious Mind keeps its presence (I) in its own Awareness (Am), then Spirit through being Present in and as its own Soul, becomes present in and as our Soul (Subconscious) which the Conscious Mind bears Witness too Aka gives life too.

When our consciousness as Mind is present in its own creation of thought rather than its own Soul (Present moment/Subconscious) it partakes of the tree of knowledge with Karma (Cause and effect) as its teacher. Those who do not live in accordance with the law of Spirit, will live under it. The Law of course is love, love being the fulfilment of true Consciousness or Spirit. Love is the only thing in the world to have no Karma. The absence (Unconsciousness) of love does though.

Once the Minds I has merged with the true I of Spiritual Consciousness we are no longer under the law of Cause and effect, which means we are no longer creating Karma which is always associated with two. True Consciousness is always One. Let the conscious mind settle into its own awareness which constitutes the subconscious and Soul (love) so that it presents as the Presence of Spiritual Being. This is true intelligence, that births a world in which the world acts as One in the name of truth while under the law of Love.

To conclude and summarize, by keeping a 'being mind' or a meditative mind, rather than a 'thinking mind', we realign ourselves with all aspects of our being that lives eternally in and AS the moment of Now. Now and the human and true Soul, are synonymous. The I of Spiritual and the I of Mind Consciousness can only meet and marry within the Soul Aka Present Moment. Once we are aligned Aka under Grace, we no longer refer to ourselves as I am, but rather I am that I am for we whole and fully aligned in and AS Grace. When Mind and Spirit come together as I-I, magic happens. Life becomes a revelation of Spiritual inspiration.

~ Love Tracy

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