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Love is the absence of judgment - Dalia Lama

Every thought is a judgment - Eckhart Tolle

For one day, I want you to prove something to yourself. I want you to hold one thought of Awareness all day long for as long as possible. When you start to think and divide that one thought into two, bring your mind back to being one thought of Awareness again.

Awareness is looking around you and responding to life without thinking about anything. Make no judgments whatsoever. Equally important, have no expectations of this day and no conditions. Your motto for the day is ...

Let come what comes

Let go what goes

Let stay what stays.

If thoughts and feelings get particularly chaotic for whatever reason, I want you on this day to be the witness of them without again - judging. You can do that tomorrow. Today - just watch - everything. Like you are on a witness stand. This includes your feelings, your thoughts, other people, other situations - everything.

You will notice and be surprised how little thinking is needed to get life sorted. In fact, do this more than one day and you will notice that thinking actually hinders the joy and goodness coming to you in life. The thinking mind resists the natural flow of life living itself. Trust me when I tell you, that you want Spirit that is behind the Present Moment guiding you - not your mind - that is sometimes friend and sometimes foe.

Every time your mind wanders from the doings of the Present Moment, bring it back. Keep doing this until it is a habit. In your own time. In your own way. You have eternity. Literally. Enjoy your own awakening.

- Love Tracy

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