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The definition of Ego is personification of the Buddha /Christ Mind, which is always impersonal. The Ego does not exist in reality, due to being an activity of mind (Wrong use of Mind). It is not an entity - it is not an actual part of our Being-ness. The Ego is not an actual reality. The I of the world exists - the Omega Aka Christ Mind exists yes, but it is NEVER personal. Only ever impersonal. Personifying this I is the cause of all our problems. Personifying this I is Ego. When we feel we have a life and will of our own - that is Ego.

It is like the wave believing it is separate to its whole Self as the sea. Believing it has a life (current) of its own separate to the current (Will) of the Sea - its true and eternal Self. The wave only lives for a short time before it becomes the sea again. The wave believing it has a life of its own creates chaos (swells) within itself as the sea creatin chaos. Likewise, with us. When we exert a personal will of our own, we resist the impersonal will of our true Self as Spirit - as Life living itself through us.

Life cannot live life through the personal Self if the personal self develops a will and identify of its own. We must surrender our personal will to Thy will, and this is only done through meditation and mindfulness which is moving meditation.

"Reality is simply the loss of ego. Destroy the ego by seeking its identity. Because the ego is no entity it will automatically vanish, and reality will shine forth by itself" - Sri Ramana Maharshi

"The ego does not, cannot live in the present, because the present is real, and the ego is false - they never meet”. - Rajneesh

"The Ego is an activity, not an entity" - Adi Da Samraj

If you have any personal sense at all - that is Ego. The mind/body should never be personified. One should always identify as the Impersonal living through the personal. Therefore, be as deeply present in the moment until you cease being in the moment and become the moment itself.

Once the mind is emptied out of all personal sense of Self (Ego) it is filled the Holy Spirit Aka Law which guides us to fulfilment of our life purpose.

~ Love Tracy

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