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(For the serious and advanced metaphysical aspirant)

The mind/body born is born the image of Spirit. The mind is quite literally a mirror.

I am Spirit/soul that I am mind/body.

Consciousness as Spirit = Conscious Mind and Awareness as Soul = Subconscious.

Awareness is always the activity of Consciousness in one form or another. For instance, Soul is the activity of Spirit, and the Subconscious is the activity of Spiritual Consciousness when realized and when not realized, it is the activity of the Conscious Mind. Often it is both.

This might not at first seem like it is aligning but when you consider a mirror, the image is always backwards so I am - ma I. You, see? This is because in truth the Soul (Mother) and the subconscious (Daughter or Human Soul) are completely One and are never differentiated. The Soul is the Unmanifest activity (Love) behind the activity of the Subconscious Mind. Nothing is differentiated (Separate from one another) in truth. The mind makes it 'appear' that way, but it is an illusion.

On a side note, an illusion does not mean it is not real. It means that is it temporary so not considered real. Only the permanent is real - the never-changing - always being is Real. That which is always becoming is named an illusion - which is real for a time. So not real. Such is the paradox of metaphysical truth. Maya on the other hand is a delusion within the illusion. So, the delusion of illusion would be believing you are mind/body while unconscious of Thy Self as Spirit. (Ego) A true illusion would be realizing the true Self while still in the illusion or dream. Can you see the difference?

Now the mind/body are not sentient in that they have no intelligence of their own. One could say that the mind/body is to Spirit/Soul what the body is to the mind. The body cannot move with the intelligence of the Mind directing it; however, the body's awareness can respond to the minds intelligence due to being a form of Consciousness as Awareness.

So, you as the true Self as Spirit has projected itself onto and as a mirror/mind. The mind/body is a vehicle or an instrument or avatar perhaps. Most commonly known as the Temple not built with hands but of the true Self as Spirit. It is built through the natural laws of Spirit (See Hermetic Laws & Principles).

The mind/body is not sentient - it has no life of its own. It is like the body is relative to the mind. It has no intelligence of its own, but it can respond to intelligence - namely the intelligence of Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). They are so closely linked we as Spirit - the true and eternal 'I AM' mistake ourselves for the 'I am' of mind/body due to putting on the limitations of form.

However, over time - lifetime after lifetime (Remember there is no such thing as time or space, life is always in all ways happening happened NOW) the Temple Aka Mind or Mirror is perfected so that the true I AM -the true Self can see itself reflected in it, allowing for Self-Realization.

An analogy would be like you being in a car that was actually a mirror car - all parts of it are reflective. You think you are the car because you cannot see yourself with or through the car's senses - therefore, you mistake yourself (Your image) for the car. However, lifetime after lifetime, the mirrored car you believe you are, becomes clearer and clearer, due to the dust (Thoughts and feelings) being cleaned off it by silence and stillness (Meditation). Then lo and behold - you finally as Spirit, see yourself, for the first time, remembering all that you are beyond the limitations of the car (Your image). One realizes 'Oh my goodness' I am not the car - I am the one driving it. Here I was thinking I was the car driving itself but no, I am not. I am the one within it, driving it. The car cannot drive itself - it is insentient.

Same difference with the mind and Soul. The soul through the clarification of mind, over many lifetimes, realizes itself, as being the Awareness behind the image of Mind/body. So, now you can see, you are not conscious AS the mind, you are conscious OF the mind. Do you see what I am saying now? This is why you can watch yourself think. Now you must become conscious of yourself as Awareness - to know yourself as Soul beyond Mind and the only way to do that is through purifying the Temple - stilling the thoughts and feelings of mind through meditation/mindfulness.

There is only ONE consciousness - not two. There is not Spirit and man - there is not the Absolute and Man. There is only the ONE Consciousness - the ONE Spirit living through and as billions of men and woman and animals etc. There is not you and a car -there is only you living and driving the car that you built through the Hermetic laws of Life that you are, that shape the mind body - the temporary Temple not made with hands but by the Love of God - the true Self.

"For now we see through a glass (Mind-Mirror), darkly (It is dark and we cannot see); but then face to face(The mind becomes clear and the I of Spirit is seen through the clear I of Mind/Mirror): now I know (Mind which is limited Awareness/body Consciousness) in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known (So the Mind is known by the Spirit also)." - 1 Corinthians 13:12

~ Love Tracy

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