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Become conscious of being the witness of the moment rather than getting lost in your thoughts and feelings, including their manifestations in the physical world.

You can do this by keeping the mind quiet and abiding in the Pure Awareness of first the subconscious, then the awreness of Incarnate Soul, then the Awareness of the whole Soul. The longer you hold a quiet and quiescent mind, the more your Consciousness will deepen within the differentiations of the Soul - until you meet your true and eternal Consciousness that fills Mind Consciousness up with the Holy Ghost - merging the two as One.

To reiterate again so that one is not confused. Be the Awareness of the Moment - being deeply present in and as it, which means to not let your Consciousness/attention as the Conscious mind (thought) either rise in thinking or allow it to attend (give attention to) world thoughts buzzing around in the ether attracted to your Consciousness like the waves of a radio station.

If your mind is quiet, your Spirit can and will speak to you so there is no need to strain the mind in listening or reaching for it. Likewise, if you are deeply in the moment, the one true Soul directed by Spirit will guide you serendipitously and with synchronicity.

The goal is always in all ways to lose yourself in Thy Self. To stop being in the moment and to start being the Moment. To stop thinking you have a life to knowing you are Life. There is only One.

~ Trace

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