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Unfortunately, people throughout the ages have continually confused the Soul (Awareness) with the Consciousness of Mind which thinks. The Soul is not a thinker, it is a knower - it is omniscient. Therefore, people mistakenly believe their thoughts are inspired by Soul, but they are not. It is ONLY the mind, which IS thought, rising by itself - dividing itself - giving the impression of a thinker behind the thought. But there is not a thinker. The thought itself is the thinker. How can I know this? Because if you are led by thinking rather than intuition then you are being led by mind, not Spirit. You have been deceived by the mind posing as Soul. I have and am led by both. I know the difference.

One's true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit cannot reach anyone or thing except through the One true and eternal Soul that houses all human Souls (Subconscious) within her womb so to speak. This means in order for the consciousness of mind and the Consciousness of Spirit to merge as One (Spiritual marriage) the mind MUST be in the present moment which constitutes the human Soul (Subconscious) but also the one true Soul which is the activity of Spiritual Consciousness Aka Love.

~ Tracy Pierce

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