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Wisdom is knowing you are no thing, for you are spirit and spirit is formless & timeless.

Love is knowing you are in everything for Soul is love and love is the movement of life.

Even though you are in this world as mind, you are not of it as Spirit.

Always remember the invisible is the real (inner or cause) while the visible is the unreal (outer or effect).

Cause never changes while effect always does, therefore do not become attached to the costumes you assume with each lifetime.

The mind has one foot (I Spirit AM Soul) in the Spiritual and one foot (I conscious mind am subconscious mind) in the physical.

I am that I am

Life is a balancing act between two worlds that in truth are One.

The Outer physical world will reflect the Inner Spiritual world when the mind is still and meditative. If the mind is not still and meditative due to a legion of thoughts, the physical world will reflect this legion of chaos instead.

Every thought is a judgement - Eckhart Tolle

Drop thought and embrace love that is ever present in and as the Now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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