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You are consciousness looking for consciousness. You are mind consciousness (vessel or avatar) looking for the true and eternal self as Spiritual Consciousness.

This is clearly not done with the thinking mind. We have been thinking for thousands of years and still we have not found this elusive God aka true Self aka Spirit. It is obvious to me the thinking mind is veil which prevents us from realizing the truth of our Beingness.

If we want to find our true Being, then we must hold the mind in a state of being or rather and more aptly put, cease thinking, as being is our natural state. Once thinking ceases we revert back to being by default for we are human beings, not human thinkings.

Once the being state is held effortlessly, the true Self will reveal itself. It will have no choice. The empty mind devoid of all thought creates a vacuum for Spirit aka Holy Ghost (Intuition) to fill.

When you are in the moment looking around at everything - noticing your breath, the sounds of the birds, your heartbeat, your thoughts, your feelings - while you are witnessing all these while judging none of them or thinking on any of them - you are being. So just be. This beingness in the moment deepens all by itself - there is nothing you have to force. All you need is patience and the kind of Faith that comes from a deep understanding of the truth.

I will help give you that understanding. You have to give yourself patience. You have to learn to relax in the moment and let life just be....

Let go of trying to manipulate it with your mind. The Spirit behind Present Moment Awareness aka Soul, has got this and knows what it is doing. Let it. Let it be.

~ Tracy Pierce

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