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Your heart, the present moment, your subconscious are all the same things really. They are a vessel for Soul aka Awareness. The subconscious reflects the part of the Soul, which you as the Conscious mind, focal point of Spirit or reincarnating Spirit, depending on your choice of words, have dominion over at this point in your evolution towards the fullness of your being Spiritually. To become conscious of these parts of your 'Self' is why you are here, therefore, you have to bring your conscious mind to it. You have to become conscious of what you feel, and you have to become conscious of yourself as Awareness. It's all about love and awareness. That is what you must become conscious of and be present in.

Firstly, we must make conscious all that is unconscious in the subconscious. While in our egoic state, we inadvertently created a pain body out of the emotional body that resides within the subconscious. Redundant beliefs, habits, and emotional patterns we have to be exorcized and healed before the entire mind as a whole, both consciously and subconsciously can rest in the peace of meditation - its natural state. What good is concentration if you are subconscious in emotional turmoil?

A mind resting in intellectual (conscious mind) and emotional (subconscious mind) leads us to higher dimensions of being within us, for when the mind is at peace and resting in its natural meditative state it becomes a pure channel to receive the gifts of Spirit. One becomes conscious of being Awareness and love, which is the Soul itself. Not having it but being it. Once we get the conscious mind and all its thoughts opinions judgments and distractions out the way and attending its awareness subconsciously then as the present moment instead, I promise you, you will be left with nothing but love for yourself and for others.

The conscious mind is attention. What it attends it will give life to as it is Consciousness which is a focal point of our true Consciousness so has the same qualities. However, do not mistake of believing it is you true Self or true Consciousness. It is a vessel for your true Consciousness. Unfortunately, the conscious mind has mistaken itself for the true Self and therefore believes it must create life via thinking, belief, and knowledge. This is opposed to revealing life intuitively from its true Consciousness as Spirit. Due to this misidentification, it loses itself in itself, believing it is in the present moment aka Soul, which of course it is not. Mental images or thoughts are not real. Now or the Soul IS real. This is an important point to understand. The Conscious mind must be still mentally in its Soul aka subconscious/present moment if it is to become Conscious of its true identity as Spirit.

The subconscious is often considered the true mind. It is awareness. And it feels. It responds to thought AND one's true Consciousness, so it serves two masters. It is fooled by the conscious mind into believing it is one's true Consciousness which of course is the story of Eve (subconscious mind) taking the apple (thought). Being heart, it responds to intelligence. The Soul always does which the Spirit asks it too like the body always does what the mind beckons. The subconscious mind is not subject to time and space so there is no past present or future. It is aware of everything within the totality of its own evolutionary journey and contains all you need to know and be in this lifetime.

Our true Consciousness is Adam, and the subconscious mind is Eve. She was fooled by the snake which is the conscious mind pretending to be Adam.

Spirit is the truth but unfulfilled. Soul, as love is the fulfilment of Spirit - of Truth. The conscious (I) and subconscious (am) mind must come together as one, just as their true Self as Soul (Am) being Spirit (I) are One. Therefore, one must rest one's conscious mind within the subconscious that IS the present moment. Again, to reiterate, they must work together as one before you proceed further on your spiritual journey.

When the conscious mind (which constricts) stays within the awareness of the subconscious which is expansively aware, they together hold one's mind open while being conscious and aware at the same time. This is conscious awareness. This is alert awareness that is focused and comprehensive. This is meditation in principle. This is how consciousness should expand and rise - within the Soul. Not thought. Once the two minds have come together as one, they become the door through which Spirit intuits and guides the Soul back home.

This means taking time to be alone. Just like lovers prefer to be alone with themselves, so must you learn as a conscious mind learn to be alone with the love of your subconscious. This takes shadow work, meditation, and mindfulness.

~ Tracy Pierce

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