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Stop looking for the truth of your being through the use of your physical senses that interpret the outer world, which you as the Truth created. A world which you mistake for reality. Reality is not temporary, it is eternal, therefore, it is not realized with anything within the Temple such as the 5 senses. If you look for the truth with these senses, in sense objects, then you are going to recreate life rather than reveal creation. You are setting yourself up for history to repeat itself in a different form on a different day. It cannot be any other way, for what you hold in your mind you will eventually hold in your physical reality.

If you behold the world as it is now, you will recreate it again. Clearly. You have to lose yourself (Conscious mind) in your Self (Awareness) if you have any hope of realizing the reality of your Being that is eternal in this lifetime. Once one's conscious mind sits within and merges with the awareness of firstly the subconscious that sits in Present Moment Awareness, it will then be capable of realizing the true Self as Soul being Spirit. Only then will one's true creation, as creation itself, be revealed. For it is only through the Incarnate Soul, linked to the One Soul, linked to the One Spirit that mind can reveal life as it is NOW. Now being the totality of Being omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient; the Alpha and the Omega. This is life in its totality, living itself.

To reiterate, one's conscious mind (thought) must stay in the heart (subconscious which is always Present in the Now) and the doorway to the One Soul which is the expression or activity of Spirit, in order to have all aspects of being working together, multidimensionally as One.

In order to see the truth, one must stop looking with their eyes of flesh and start seeing with their Inner I which is the conscious and subconscious minds coming together as one in order to provide a channel for one's Spirit to flow through and be in the world. One must stop giving their consciousness or attention to thoughts, feelings, and the objects they create in the physical world. One must cease being distracted by forms such as thoughts and feelings, that your conscious mind, has conjured up outside of its own Temple and Soul and become conscious of your true Self aka Awareness behind these forms.

Your conscious mind which is consciousness is not your true Self or Consciousness. It is the vessel for one's true Self - true Consciousness. You have mistaken yourself for the Vessel of Life rather than Life itself, which means you make the mistake of thinking rather than being.

If you use yourself as Vessel-Consciousness to think, you will be like a wave that rolls out of the sea - out of the heart (subconscious) - out of your Temple, which means you will not be 'home' as Vessel-Consciousness to receive intuition or guidance from your true Consciousness that works through the Soul, and then the subconscious which always sits in and as the Now. The thoughts you think at the moment are not inspired by your true Self as Spirit but conjured up by the Consciousness that is the vessel for Spirit. This means thought is created by the mental realm, which Vessel-Consciousness is made out of, rather than the Spiritual realm. Understand also that when thought rises outside the heart, it causes unnatural emotions to defile the Temple, the subconscious, which makes it almost inhabitable for Spirit to flow through. This is why meditation is so hard for so many. It is one thing to keep the conscious mind aka thought still and steady and quite another to keep the subconscious which contains the emotional or pain body, at peace. The Temple must first be prepared and cleansed before the two minds can come together as one in service of one's true Self as Spirit.

Once your Temple has been prepared and cleansed, retrieve your information about yourself and the world around you intuitively, instinctively through the Inner I that sees Spirit and not the things of this world (thought/feeling). Not the eyes of flesh that sees itself as one's thoughts and emotions and the mind and the body. Look in with the I, rather than out with the eyes. In doing so, life will flow serendipitously within synchronicity, when the conscious mind is kept quiescent and intuitively still in its own present moment awareness (subconscious). This is because life is aligned with the true Self, not the egoic self, the false self you believe you are. The self that will one day pass away, leaving you to be the true Self you are seeking now.

Live from the inside out and reveal the world created by your Soul within the One Soul, that is directed by Spirit. Be or identify as Cause rather than the effect. You are Spirit, not mind, though you do have one. This is how you gain wisdom rather than simply gathering information from yesterday's world. This is the difference between knowing and knowledge. Knowledge is always yesterday. Knowing is always Now.

Wisdom is born of the heart that is aligned with one’s true Self as Soul being Spirit, that sees and embodies creation with the Inner I, for the outer eyes to experience through the mind and body.

~ Tracy Pierce

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