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The Father (Spirit ) and the Son (mind) can ONLY align and come together as One, through the Mother (Soul). To reiterate and expand, the Absolute Consciousness can only merge with and as the Son Consciousness through their respective Souls - which in reality is the ONE and only Soul, which is the Great AM (The Unmanifest body of I). Likewise, Mind Consciousness can only merge with the Father Consciousness through his own Soul, which is the subconscious. The Subconscious is a part of the One Soul. Everyone's subconscious IS the Soul when put together collectively. The Collective Subconscious IS the vessel of the One Soul and is seen and experienced by the Physical Mind as the Present Moment.

So, the Son (Mind) can look out at the world and receive his Mana (Knowledge) through the I of his own being that is informed by the senses, which in turn creates Maya. It is Maya because the mind conceptualizes - differentiates in the creation physical life - time, movement, space etc all come into being once the mind moves and divides itself. Much like an embryo does once its life begins. Many cells divide in the creation of Life. The mind is all about conceptual separation, dualism, and division. There is no movement in One. Only in two. In two there is space, movement and time. This is why a still mind is advocated when one wants to realize the fullness of their being which is beyond Mind.

OR alternatively one can as Mind....

Look inwards, having one's I informed intuitively by Spirit, rather than informing his I through looking out with the senses. When the mind is still, illusion dissipates, revealing reality - the true Self. Looking inwards means being mentally still. As soon as the mind moves, the world or illusion comes into being. Which is fine after the I's have merged. Then you can be IN the world but not OF it. You are a lucid dreamers aka self realized being. This is the balance and harmony one wants to achieve in realization of the Self: I am that I am.

~ Tracy Pierce

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