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The conscious mind is thought. How you use the conscious mind matters significantly. So significantly that it renders two completely different realities. The leavened mind rises in thought creating hell on earth so to speak. The unleavened mind creates the opposite rendering heaven consciousness.

Do not let the conscious mind rise into a continuous stream of thought, whereby one thought leads to another and another. The mind must stay unleavened, and one pointed in the living temple of the Now. Put another way, one's attention must be fixed on staying in and as Conscious (present) Awareness. Understand the Subconscious which is our 'Am' when we say 'I am' is always in all ways in and AS the present moment. The relevance of this is important as the I must stay in the Am. The Subconscious of everyone is what constitutes the reality of this world. The totality of all Subconscious minds is collectively the Present Moment. Everyone's Subconscious is played out in the physical making what is unconscious, conscious. This is how we evolve - the hard way.

Here is the catch twenty-two. The Conscious Mind Aka thought will continue to rise in in the act of thinking so long as the Subconscious is ill at ease Aka dis-eased. The Subconscious holds within it Vasana's which are negative subconscious tendencies either carried over from previous lifetimes or from within this lifetime. Vasana's are karma induced core beliefs that are erroneous and detrimental to not only the individual but the whole. Eckhart Tolle refers to these Subconscious tendencies as the pain body. Until these Vasana's are made conscious, divinely reasoned, and healed they will continue to cause the mind in its unrest, to rise in thought looking for peace, colouring everything we see. So, you see, even though we desire to stay in the present moment - within the Subconscious 'Am', we find it difficult as our Subconscious - our emotional body is not at rest and is not always a pleasant place for us to dwell. No one wants to stay in a place of Chaos. Because we cannot really escape ourselves, we often find ourselves doing anything to distract ourselves from this unrest - this chaos within. Distractions may include relationships, over working, drinking, smoking, gambling, sex, gaming etc. Virtually any 'thing' in the world can be used to distract oneself from that which does hinder them.

All the same, staying present as the Presence (I) in the moment, which is our Subconscious Awareness (Am) is the way to heal thy self. Imagine the I of your being (that which you think with) as being a light - a giver of life. By bringing this light that we identify as our existence, to the Subconscious - the present moment, we are ready to make conscious that which is unconsciously harming us and others. We are ready to face our demons. This is a process and takes time. Moreover, giving up our distractions when we are ready too is also beneficial in healing these Vasana's. Until you give up smoking, what hinders you will not be made apparent. Until you give up drinking or any other addiction, what these distractions are suppressing will not rise. As I said, this takes time and courage. However, take heart, if your true Self did not want for you to be going through this healing process, you would not be. Therefore, realize now, that you will be given the strength needed to succeed, when it is your season to rise.

"Seven Days ye shall eat unleavened bread and on the seventh day hold a festival to the LORD. ~ Exodus 13:6.

This means ones seven centres of multidimensional being are fully aligned and present in and of Awareness that is ever present in and of the moment. This is total alignment of being Aka Grace. As this pure Conscious Awareness, we are ready to accept our daily bread Aka Intuition or the Holy Ghost.

There are many times during the day that you are consciously aware without thinking. Time when your conscious mind is firmly anchored in the subconscious which is always NOW. Notice that. Replicate that state of mind or more aptly: being. Being is when the conscious and subconscious minds have come together to work as one unit. This is experienced as an alert awareness aka meditation that is always present in and AS the moment. Awareness Aka Soul comes to the fore when the mind is quiet.

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. - Matthew 6:22

As already stated, one I (Eye) is what we use to think with. Some call it the Inner I and some the Third Eye. It is your sense of 'I am-ness - your sense of existence. This is what we must keep single for if thought is single, it is aware. If it rises in more than one thought, it sleeps. So, keep thought single. Keep the conscious mind which IS thought as one thought. One thought is Awareness. Two thoughts is thinking. Both render two different realities. Try it. Keep one thought and you will see that it is Awareness. You are not thinking but you are Aware. Awareness is the essence of meditation.

By keeping the Conscious Mind (I) in the Am of Awareness Aka the Present Moment, you become conscious of yourself as Awareness, then as the Awareness of the Present Moment. You stop being IN the moment and become the Moment itself. Then as you marinate further in your own Awareness, you come to thy Awareness as the Soul (AM) which is the activity of Spirit (I) - the true I AM - the true and eternal Self/Consciousness.

Staying conscious, staying awake means staying out of the act of thinking. Let us be clear about that. I know it sounds a little counter intuitive but there you have it. Thinking has its place, however that place is not using up 95% of the minds total output. Thinking is only meant to take up approximately 5-10% at this point in our evolution. Thinking is a process that analyses intuition only.

If the mind is kept in a meditative manner, it will be guided intuitively within, as well as through synchronicity and serendipity with synchronicity drastically altering - well everything and yet nothing at all. All of a sudden you see that little bit extra in the ordinary, making everything extraordinarily alive and vibrant in ways you had never seen before or rather haven't seen or experienced since you were a child.

~ Tracy Pierce

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