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The conscious mind is thought. How you use the conscious mind matters significantly. So significantly that it renders two completely different realities.

Do not let the conscious mind rise into a continuous stream of thought, whereby one thought leads to another and another. The mind must stay unleavened, and one pointed in the living temple of the Now. Put another way, one's attention must be fixed on staying in and as Conscious (present) Awareness.

"Seven Days ye shall eat unleavened bread and on the seventh day hold a festival to the LORD. ~ Exodus 13:6.

This means ones seven centres of multidimensional being are fully aligned and present in awareness which is one's subconscious that is ever present in the moment - one with the One true Soul of all Awareness and being. This means we are consciously aware, ready to accept our daily bread, which is knowing, given intuitively.

There are many times during the day that you are consciously aware without thinking. Time when your conscious mind is firmly anchored in the subconscious which is always NOW. Notice that. Replicate that state of mind or more aptly: being. Being is when the conscious and subconscious minds have come together to work as one unit that is an alert awareness aka meditation that is always present in the moment.

Keep thought single. Keep the conscious mind which IS thought as one thought. This is staying awake and aware. It means staying conscious or present in the moment, rather than in thought. Just as importantly feel that thought. Thought or intelligence is stabilized by love. This is how you bring the conscious (thought) and the subconscious (emotion) together as One. Being is predominately felt rather than thought. Note: the subconscious, which reflects the body of the Incarnate Soul, and which holds the emotional body, constitutes ninety five percent of the mind in its totality. Your conscious attention (thought) will waver if it is not supported and anchored in the heart awareness of the subconscious.

This is Adam (Conscious mind) & Eve (Subconscious mind) working together with absolutely no discrepancy between them. Together they constitute the Christ or Zen mind that is a temple of peace, inviting the Holy Spirit otherwise known as Intuition to come forth.

Intuition brings forth or rather fulfils the word (son) or the divine Idea of the Father (Spirit) the mother (Soul) and the Holy Ghost (Intuition) to fill the son with intelligence and love. This is the Holy Trinity which outlines the creation of life in its most simplistic form.

As you can see, the meditative mind is described as being kept in a state of alert awareness outside of thinking not thought. Or put another way it is saying to 'hold a singular thought', bringing as much presence which IS thought to the now (which is awareness or Soul) as possible.

Staying conscious, staying awake means staying out of the act of thinking. Let us be clear about that. I know it sounds a little counter intuitive but there you have it. Thinking has its place, however that place is not using up 95% of the minds total output. Thinking is only meant to take up approximately 5-10% at this point in our evolution. Thinking is a process that analyses knowing that is to be translated into knowledge for the lower mind to manifest via the subconscious.

If the mind is kept in a meditative manner, it will be guided intuitively, instinctively within, and serendipitously with synchronicity outside the Incarnate body, drastically altering - well everything and yet nothing at all. All of a sudden you see that little bit extra in the ordinary making everything extraordinarily alive and vibrant in ways you had never seen before or rather haven't seen or experienced since you were a child.

~ Tracy Pierce

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