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When the mind is full of thoughts seeking knowledge, it is not clear channel that allows for the omniscience of Spirit to flow through it unfiltered.

A being mind (meditative or mindful) is a servant for Spirit - one's eternal Self. A thinking mind veils the true and eternal Self as Cause to one’s mind/body which is Effect.

Perversely - due to our ignorance as a species, one must accumulate the right knowledge via the thinking mind in order to realize it must be dropped or surrendered for the Being Mind.

The Ego thinks.

The true mind serving Spirit 'is a 'being' in and of the moment.

The Being Mind receives thought that is of a different quality and quantity as the egoic mind. It takes up no more than 5-10% of the minds total output. Thoughts are more like an all-knowing awareness of a situation that does not require deliberation. This 'awareness' given has the spiritual vision (clairvoyance or claircognizance) of all being and non-being therefore, serves one and all. The true mind knows it does not have a life. It is life. It is One with all being experientially.

The Egoic mind takes thought from the mental realm of duality to compare and contrast, to judge, to measure. It takes up approximately 95% or more of the minds output leaving one mentally exhausted. Thoughts taken are always personal due to not having the spiritual vision of all being and non-being. These thoughts are not clairvoyant nor claircognizant. Thoughts taken from the mental realm serve only the personal, rarely the impersonal. The egoic mind believes it has a life of its own within life. There is always two - always duality, limitation and separation.

~ Tracy Pierce

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