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"You" do not exist as "You" - the personal 'you' has been created out of egoic thoughts that is nothing more than maya or illusion. This illusion, this 'idea' of YOU, has been created from a conscious mind that has risen in and of itself, outside the Temple where truth is inspired by Spirit. It is not guided by the Soul being Spirit at all. Rather the conscious mind has gone rogue, thereby creating thought itself while disconnected from the true Self like a branch from the vine. The egoic mind rose outside its Temple, thereby cutting itself off from the vine. Consciousness - the conscious mind must be united with the Awareness of Self before true thought can come forth. This Awareness is first found in and as the subconscious which then merges with the true Awareness of Soul being Spirit. This is your Temple that you as the conscious mind (thought) must abide. The subconscious/Soul IS Present Moment Awareness.

You could consider Consciousness (Spirit) as being our true intelligence, while Awareness (Soul) is its body or expression of that intelligence, which is love. Love is the movement of life - our reason for being. It is important, however, to understand up front, that the conscious mind - our present understanding of consciousness is NOT our true intelligence or our true Self as Consciousness, though it may feel like it due to the illusion of mind. Mind Consciousness is the vessel for our true Self as Spirit - our true Consciousness. This vessel, as Mind Consciousness, remains empty and unrealized, creating one false image after another (thoughts) until it abides in its Temple working harmoniously with the subconscious so that it can be filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition from the true Self. Only then, when we as Mind Consciousness have realized our true Self as Spirit Consciousness, does our thoughts become true images as opposed to false images.

Consciousness (conscious mind) + consciousness (conscious mind) = illusion whereas Consciousness (conscious mind) + Awareness (subconscious/Present Moment) = reality. Mind Consciousness which expresses itself as and through 'thought' must rise in Awareness to give itself life, to know itself as Conscious Awareness and thereby be inspired or filled with Spirit being Soul. Only when the Conscious mind is working in harmony with the subconscious as a channel can it be filled with the Holy Ghost - one's true Self as Spirit.

Consciousness (thought) rising in consciousness (thought) is not life inspired by Spirit, but an idea of life inspired by mind cut off from Spirit. The conscious mind which is born of the mental realm must first marry or merge with its own subconscious Awareness which is its own Incarnate Soul. When this happens the conscious and the subconscious mind come together to create a channel that merges with the One true Soul aka Awareness which is embodied by our One true Spirit aka Consciousness

The conscious mind IS thought. Thought is the container or vessel for Spiritual Consciousness. If the consciousness of Mind is not married to the Awareness of the subconscious/Present Moment, it will rise in one delusional thought after another, giving birth in the physical world to a lie.

Thought plus thought, or mind consciousness plus mind consciousness does not equal reality. Instead, it equals maya or illusion. Only thought/consciousness plus Awareness/body equals reality. The Soul as Awareness is always present in the moment. The conscious mind, which is thought must be one with its body of Awareness in order to channel its true Self which is Spirit being Soul - our true and eternal Consciousness being Awareness. I Spirit Am Soul (True Self or Cause) /that/ I conscious mind am subconscious mind (Vessel or Effect).

We have mistakenly identified with the thoughts and subsequent feelings the conscious mind has conjured up through rising in and of itself while outside its true body of Awareness both as the Incarnate Soul and the One true Soul. When the conscious mind rises outside its Temple, it causes unnatural emotions to rise that defile the subconscious Temple. Due to the emotional body becoming more of a pain body the conscious mind does not want to abide there, therefore loses itself in its thoughts and the objects (physical world) of its thoughts/feelings. This is when addictions arise. We avoid the mess we have made of ourselves subconsciously and lose ourselves in physical objects like drugs or relationships or whatever to make ourselves feel better.

The thoughts, feelings, and consequent manifestations of said thoughts and feelings have no real life of their own for they were not born of Spirit but of a mind cut off from its Source. War, cancer, famine etc have no life of their own as they were not born of the truth but of the egoic mind. They are a dead work. They will pass away when the temporary consciousness of mind does. In the meantime, while the ego lives however, we have taken these thoughts and feelings and put them in memory cells calling them "Me". We have stored them in the subconscious as emotional habits and core beliefs. We have identified with these false images and feelings as being our true identity. They are not. They never were. All these thoughts and feelings were born of a lie - from a mind that did not know its truth.

We must come to know ourselves as the Awareness behind these egoic thoughts and feelings. We must come to know ourselves beyond the conscious and subconscious mind. The only way to do that is for the conscious mind to abide in the Present Moment Awareness of the subconscious to first heal it and then to rest in peace with it so that together they form a channel for one's true Self to flow through and be realized by the Mind Consciousness that we presently identify with. The Awareness of both the Incarnate and true Soul leads us as the conscious mind or vessel home to our true Self in and of Consciousness aka Spirit. When we do our conscious mind is imbued and led from on high as our true Being. The conscious mind (son) finally realizes his true Self as Spirit (Father).

Keeping the mind still, in the moment where the Incarnate and One true Soul dwells, (subconscious/Present Moment Awareness) stops all egoic thought from rising for to abide in the subconscious/Present Moment, the conscious mind must remain still. In doing so we allow ourselves to be 'conscious of' or 'present in' Awareness aka Soul, which is embodied by the Father or One true Spirit. In this way we are aligned with all aspects of our being. In this way you could say life is living itself.

Ask yourself who or what are you with no thoughts? No memories? No particular likes or dislikes, no personal anything? The answer will be your true self: Awareness being Consciousness or Soul being Spirit, that is working through a particular avatar in much the same way as you are driving a particular make of car to give you a specific experience on the road. Be as fully present as you can be in the moment and come home to yourself. Trust that life - the present moment, the One Soul is always right and leading you home to your purpose for being here as your true Self.

~ Tracy Pierce

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