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People get stuck in negative feedback loops of the mind through thought. The mind, without any inspiration or direction from Spirit, rises or divides in thought. These egoic thoughts add significantly to the creation of the world around them. I say add too as ones Soul/Spirit creates our world via the subconscious, unbeknown to the unconscious conscious mind. between the spaces of our thoughts, while we daydream and sleep, Spirit silently goes before us in the creation of the world. If the conscious mind is not consciously aware of itself subconsciously, and as Soul being Spirit then it will work against itself Spiritually rather than with its true Self.

People take this physical reality they have created in ignorance to be reality. Life as it is today, is but merely a reflection of their egoic thoughts and that is not life. It is illusion on top of illusion. Life should not be created by a mind that is cut off from its source. Thoughts created by the egoic mind born in ignorance of its true Self are called false images which give birth to false manifestations such as poverty, disease, famine etc.

Because people associate 'truth' with physicality, with empirical evidence, they believe what they see with the eyes of flesh to be reality. They look out upon the world with their eyes of flesh, see what they have created through taking thought, hold those creations within their minds and thereby recreate it all over again. Do you see how this negative feedback loop is demonstrated? How we keep recreating false images that have nothing to do with the truth of our being?

The physical world does not reflect our true Self as Spirit. It cannot for we are not conscious of ourselves as Spirit. The mind cannot reveal what it is not aware of. Instead, it creates what it is conscious of. Which is the mental and physical worlds. This is unfortunate as the mind is dual natured and limited in and of itself while disconnected to the truth of its being Spiritually. Being disconnected to itself Spiritually it is therefore, unconscious of being one with everyone and everything in the world, therefore acts like a cancer cell does. It grows and lives within the body of the world at the expense of nearly everyone in it. One person wars with another and the country wars with another country. We destroy nature and all creatures great and small for what we term our good. We will never find our true good in the outside world until we find it within Spiritually. If our good is not good for the rest of the world, then it is not good. It is cancerous, just as it would be if one cell in our body didn't know that it was part of a whole. Any part of the body that is not in sync with the rest of the body is cancerous.

Rather than creating life through intuition and synchronicity, from the inside out - we create from the outside in, continually repeating history. Rather than reveal true images/thought given By Spirit to the conscious mind aka Inner I that is in its Temple, we use the conscious mind/Inner I, to rise out of the Temple in thought taken from the mental realm of duality instead of the Spiritual realm of Oneness. Thought taken from the mental realm with no inspiration from Spirit are called false images. These false images create a negative feedback loop which sees history continually repeating itself until we learn how to use the mind correctly.

The correct use of mind sees the conscious mind/Inner I join as one with the subconscious. Once the I is sitting in the present moment awareness of the subconscious, we begin to purify the subconscious until it is purged of egoic core beliefs and habits put there by the conscious mind in its egoic state. Our true purpose for being here is often revealed during this trying time. We at this point have to deal with emotions and memories we have suppressed in order to let them go. Once the temple has been prepared, they form a channel for the Holy Ghost that fills the empty vessel of the conscious mind that heretofore, was empty. The Holy Ghost is basically other words for intuition and inspiration. At this point the true Self is realized and we are liberated from the mind that lived in separation. Rather than living by thinking we live by Being Spirit that flows out into the world through the alignment of the two I am's that used to be separated. I am that I am, used to only be I am - a mind and a body. Now it is I Spirit Am Soul working through I conscious mind am subconscious mind. Rather than creating life, the mind settles down into a peace that passes all understanding and reveal it from Spirit.

Life is created when the minds third "I" is open, and it becomes aware of it true Self in and of Spirit. Intuition - tuition from within then comes through the mind and out into the world and this is a true image of Spirit. Not the false images (thoughts) of the mind creating thought in and of itself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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