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Images are thoughts. True images originate from the Spiritual realm and false images originate from the mental realm.

When the Conscious mind (aka Inner I) is not conscious of itself as Spirit/Soul, it misidentifies with the mind believing the mind/ body to be its true Self. Consequently, we start to create thought with it in order to navigate life on earth. The eyes of flesh are used to determine one's truth about life, rather than the inner I that should be aligned with Spirit. In other words, we look outside of ourselves for truth with our eyes of flesh, rather than within ourselves with our Inner I.

When the conscious mind is conscious of itself as Spirit it has very little need to think per se as it is aligned and led by the omniscience of Spirit, therefore lives by Faith or 'knowing'. The mind is still used of course as the bridge between the physical and the Spiritual, it is just used in a different manner. Rather than the mind creating life itself via thinking, it reveals life from Spirit via being. The mind does not need to be so active in thought. Being omniscient, you can understand it has very little need.

The conscious mind, which is thought alone, constitutes approximately five to ten percent of our mind. The subconscious, which is our awareness of being, that contains our emotional body, constitutes approximately ninety to ninety five percent. I use these percentages as yard sticks to advocate the notion we should stay conscious of being awareness, ninety to ninety five percent of the time aka as keeping a meditative or being mind, and to think, for the purposes of analysation and processing knowing into knowledge, five to ten percent of the time.

As it stands today, it is the other way round. We are thinking ninety to ninety five percent of the time while 'being' five to ten percent. This is unfortunate as thought is the veil preventing us from realizing the depth of our being multi dimensionally.

The reason thought veils Spirit is because the Inner I aka conscious mind that is used to channel Spirit, is being used in the creation of thought instead. When the Inner I is used in the creation of thought it rises out of its Temple that is the subconscious-Present Moment Awareness, where the Holy Ghost aka intuition is received. The subconscious has always been known to be the door to the superconscious as it always lives in the Present Moment. The Present Moment is the only reality there is and the only place Grace or alignment of Being can be accomplished.

Our subconscious is our awareness, which is the activity of all lifetimes including this one to date. It is this awareness the conscious mind must cleave too and become one with in preparation for the mind as a whole (I am) to the Awareness of the One Soul that is directed by our true Self as Spirit. In this manner, I am that I am is aligned and working as One. I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am subconscious mind. It is within the subconscious that the door to Spirit is found. It is the door through which intuition and instinct comes forth. Contained within our Subconscious/Soul is our Souls intentions and purpose for this incarnation.

Our conscious mind is a vessel for Spirit. It is our inner I or our sense of existence. It is thought. It is our sense of presence. It is what animates life. The degree of light emanating from Spirit is dependent on how evolved we are and how many lifetimes we have lived etc. The same is true of the Soul. Every lifetime sees us taking a greater measure of Spirit into the mind until eventually the effect (mind/body) perfectly reflects Spirit. Eventually over many lifetimes both dissolve back into the One.

To reiterate and expand, if the conscious mind is rising in thought, its presence or its inner light is giving life to itself within the mental realm, rather than the Spiritual realm. If, however, the conscious mind, our inner I is still in the awareness of the subconscious - present moment, its presence or inner light gives life to the Soul or Spirit instead. Can you see how that is so? If one is present in thinking, then they are absent in their Temple. If one is present in their Temple, then one is absent in the process of thinking. One cannot serve two masters at once. Remember our awareness subconsciously is also present moment awareness as well as the door to Spirit.

The more still one keeps the conscious mind/inner I or light still in meditation/mindfulness, the more we illuminate the subconscious awareness and the Soul - the more we realize the true depth of our being.

If, however, we continue to let our mind rise in the creation of thought, the more we give life to false images born of the mind unconscious of itself as Soul being Spirit due to being absent in its Temple. This is what meditation is for - to keep the Inner I or conscious mind in its Temple where it serves Spirit, rather than letting it rise in thought outside the temple, thereby serving only itself.

You can see now why it is so imperative we keep a meditative mind? Our presence of being is either going to serve itself as thought or the Spiritual dimension as the awareness of the moment.

~ Tracy Pierce

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