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This is the perfect example of true love that is always in all ways NOW. The Zen or Christ mind does not allow the mind to rise in thought, which separates (Differentiates) one from their true state of being (Wholeness) that is Consciously (Spirit) Aware (Soul) Now = ONE.

Instead in our ignorance, we identify with form forcing us to create thought (thinking) as opposed to receiving it from on high, thereby limiting ourselves to the realms of effect (Mental and physical realms). We have in our ignorance forgotten that we are here to reveal life as and in our true Self, not create life as mind and body.

Due to our apparent disconnection to ourselves Spiritually, we find we must rely on our smarts, our cunning, our wit and strength of mind and body, if we are to survive in this dog-eat-dog world, in which we harbour an unnatural and insatiable attachment to form though our innate sense of emptiness we feel when cut off from our Source, our Truth.

If the conscious mind is involved in the creation of thought it is no longer capable of receiving the gifts of Spirit, in the same way the epiglottis is not capable of serving the stomach whilst serving the lungs. You cannot receive and create thought as mind at the same. You are either serving your Spirit or your mind that is cut off from its Spirit. You are either creating the truth or creating a lie. You are either loving or pretending too.

~ Tracy Pierce

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