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There will come a time in which you will become saturated by the mind, and so fed up with your thoughts, that the idea of never thinking again while dwelling in the heart of Now becomes quite appealing. Fed up with all the thoughts the mind gives rise to and their physical manifestations you will seek a better way.

I have never seen any life-transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting sick of their own bullshit - Elizabeth Gilbert

There will come a time in which you will realize this mind is not who you are. You are not your thoughts nor their manifestations. You are not your mind at all though you do have one. Until the mind realizes it is not the true Self but the vessel for it, it will continue to act as though it is the creator of life rather than the revealer of it.

You know deep within who you are, and it is not mind. It is not the body. It is not any effect but Cause. You know this in your heart (subconscious) even if your conscious mind is not yet convinced.

This season of disillusionment will also bring with it the realization that knowledge has taken you as far as it can. Thinking does have its limits. The mind, without its connection to its true Consciousness is limited. As Spirit you are not limited, therefore, it is natural that you will at some point exhaust the mind and all it can offer. This is when one turns to meditation and knowing over knowledge.

The next step in one's evolution is the actual experience of being Spirit. Theory (thinking) is no longer enough. Belief is no longer enough. You must know. You must be the truth. You will have no other alternative but to go within and experience knowing - being - Spirit instead. This means dwelling in your own awareness rather than thought. One's awareness if found in and of the moment and in that moment comes the answers to one’s questions.

You know the truth is knowing & not knowledge

You know the truth is found in the present moment

You know that reality is now and not your thoughts of now

You know the fullness of truth is found by a meditative mind, by a being mind and lost in the mind that takes and creates thought of its own accord.

You begin to realize that through the merging of the conscious and subconscious minds, the emotional body is healed so the whole mind is at peace, thereby allowing the merging of mind, Soul, and Spirit aka Enlightenment.

You know all you can possibly know from the outside world of effect in relation to waking up. You know that at this point, all that one can possibly gain through books or other sources has been gained.

You know it is time to move from thinking and theory to being and experiencing.

One realizes knowing is greater than knowledge and understands the reasons why. In this understanding one surrenders their mind consciousness to their true and full consciousness as Spirit, in order to be guided aright as a blessing to all creatures great and small.

~ Tracy Pierce

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