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How can I as Mind Consciousness remain in the Awareness of the true Self 24/7?

It is what you let go of rather than do, that helps one remain connected or aligned with Spirit/True Self. The subconscious holds onto Vasanas (Subconscious tendencies) that causes the Conscious Mind to rise in thought due to unrest. Once the Subconscious Mind is quiet and at peace, the mind stops rising in thought which stops the creation of more karma and Vasanas. The Subconscious must be purified and tempered. This is done one of two ways: The egoic way in which you deal with these tendences or Vasanas in the physical (for they are always manifested) or you face them by keeping your I in your Am - your Conscious Mind in your Subconscious Mind/Present Moment. The light of Spirit burns these Vasanas - tendencies away.

This is how you stay connected to Spirit Aka praying without ceasing Aka meditating without ceasing.

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