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The Temple of God is within your Soul. See he said it. In your Soul. That is where you look and find Thy Self as Soul. Soul being the Unmanifest body of Spirit. The Soul will never be found in your thoughts.

The Soul is not in your thoughts, nor is your thoughts a product of the Soul (Am) directed by Spirit (I). Your thoughts are a product of your Mind both consciously and subconsciously. The mind is like a runaway train with no driver, creating one thought after another, with the illusion there is a thinker behind the thinking when in fact there is not. The thought and the thinker are one and the same. It is mind. Not Soul.

The Subconscious is Soul - it is Am - but a part of the Soul that has been subject in every lifetime to the I Consciousness of Mind as well as Spirit. Therefore, the subconscious, before being a fit Temple for the true and eternal Spiritual 'I', must be purified and tempered. If it is not, then neither the Consciousness Mind (thought) nor Spirit can rest within and as it.

Meditation is a state of Mind that is focused and centred purely in the moment as Present Moment Awareness. It is being Now. It is a mind state like thinking is a mind state or sleeping is a mind state. There are many different kinds of mind states. Never identify with them. They are clothes - not blood vessels. It is an avatar - not your existence.

You as mind can only be one of two places. In the Present Moment aka Soul or in your thought’s aka Mind Consciousness. You choose which one you will be present in by virtue of how you are holding you mind. The thinking state means you are present in your thoughts, the being state means you are present in your Soul. You will not meet your true Self Spiritually in your thought, but you will in the Present Moment as Present Moment Awareness.

The subconscious of every single being is the vessel for the Present Moment. The Present Moment is a vessel for the One Soul. The Conscious Mind is your sense of existence - your light of Beingness. Your I of the I am-ness. The Am is the Soul and that is what you want to merge with and as. The I and the am must come together as One in Mind so that the I am of Mind becomes a pure channel for the I am of Spirit to flow through. In this way I am that I am perfectly aligned and under Grace.

~ Tracy Pierce

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