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Becoming conscious of Thy Self as Awareness Aka Soul, is what we term as Self-Realization. At this point in our evolution or unfoldment depending on your choice of words, one is only conscious of themselves as Mind/body.

The Soul is the Unmanifest activity or body of Spiritual Consciousness. Together they are I AM - the true Self Aka the Unmanifest Alpha of the Manifest Omega. At the moment you are as Soul identifying with the Consciousness of mind (Omega) rather than the Consciousness of Spirit (Alpha). Though you have a mind you are not the mind. This misidentification with Mind Consciousness that is in and of itself, temporary (Temple) with Spiritual Consciousness which is our true and eternal Self. Such misidentification with form is what is termed the original sin, with all thought stemming from this 'I thought' that is 'Mind Consciousness'. We have become so tangled up in the thoughts and feelings of the mind and body, we have mistaken them for ourselves, panicking over the health of the body like our existence depended upon it. It does not. I am and you are Awareness - the eternal Soul. The Divine and Loving expression of Spirit that was never born and never dies. The Omega expresses the Alpha eternally, infinitely.

In order to realize thy Self as this Divine Loving Expression we must pull our consciousness - our attention away from the distraction of thoughts and feelings and focus instead of the Soul Aka Present Moment. We must become conscious of ourselves as Awareness - firstly the Subconscious, then Present Moment, then Soul itself for realization of the fullness of our Being to take place. The direction of our consciousness Aka attention must change from going outwards into thoughts and feelings by remaining still, quiescent, and inwardly receptive within the moment our own Awareness Aka Soul. Rather than using the eyes to determine our idea of reality, we use the I instead - the same I that gives us our sense of I am-ness or existence. We start to become conscious of ourselves as the Awareness behind the thoughts and feelings of Mind once we take the time to distinguish and separate (Netti-netti) what is mind - temporary consciousness and what is spirit - eternal consciousness. Once one realizes what is mind and what is self, one focuses the Consciousness of mind on and as the awareness of Soul, until the Consciousness of mind and the Consciousness of Spirit merge as one in realization of the Self.

As Soul (Awareness) one must identify with the Father, (Spiritual Consciousness) rather than the Son, (Mind Consciousness) least we commit the most grievous sin of giving birth to abominations in the flesh, such as disease, poverty, lust, greed etc, for the mind, if it creates thought without being aligned with Spirit, will created these dual minded abominations. Only the Buddha, Zen or Christ Mind can align wit and give birth to the true Self. The Alpha.

Sin is an old Anglo-Saxon word that is spelt syn and means poor marksmanship, or missing the mark Meaning one's mind has lost the meditative state and is no longer one pointed and focused (Fully Present).

You become whatever you meditate on. Be yourself. Your true Self. Be Soulful.

~ Tracy Pierce

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