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Be like the flute; empty of yourself. The self you created through misidentifying with the mind and body, thereby using the mind to create thought, that in turn led to a personal story that is simply not true. It is completely fictional. It is not true because it is not eternal and your true Self eternal. When you come to the end of your form - I won't say life, as life lives on even after death despite our five rudimentary senses being unable to attest to it. That sense of I am-ness you have at the moment, which still does not 'prove' you exist by the way, you will still be even when you are no longer breathing. It does not matter what experience of the Now you will be having, you will be the I am in it. Awake, asleep, breathing, not breathing, I am. No one can prove they exist as no one can prove this world is not a dream. Irrespective of it perhaps being a dream however, you exist in it. My point is no amount of empirical evidence can prove existence. Therefore, just because you cannot prove life after death, it does not mean there isn't. Life came out of the invisible and life will return to the invisible. Well invisible to our basic senses anyway.

I remember being a young girl and tracing everything back to its original form. If you do this, you will get right down to atoms and their strong bonds that hold them together. You will get to a point where you will be able to prove the effect but not the cause. You will realize then, that everything that is visible comes out of the invisible You will see that every effect when you get right down to the nitty gritty, has its cause in the invisible. In other words, we can see the effect but don't know the cause as it is too refined to detect. Our senses and the tools we have created to heighten them, simply are not advanced or sharp enough. The principle to take away of course is that the mind and body are 'Effect' while our true Self as Cause remains within the invisible. Very much like the original cause for every 'thing'. And this is why we are here; to realize that our true Self as Cause, as Spirit and this is done by using the Inner I which knows the formless rather than the eyes of flesh that can only attest to that which has form.

This identification with the mind and body is what created your 'persona' or personal sense of self. Not knowing one's true Self as Cause, therefore, unable to be guided Spiritually, one is forced to create and follow after thought. Thoughts that are called false images due to originating from the mental realm as opposed to the Spiritual realm. These false images aka thoughts were created by a Consciousness that is spiritually blind and to all intent and purposes separated from itself as Cause, cut off from its Source or Truth. You could liken this state to a zombie that lives only to eat and destroy due to having no brain, as such to guide it. I find it amusingly ironic to see people preparing for a zombie apocalypse, that has been here for 7-8000 years. Ironically again - since the beginning of so called 'civil'ization.

If the conscious mind aka thought, is not present working harmoniously within the emotional awareness of the subconscious then our house is divided and subject to a den of thieves that steal our attention - our very life - our consciousness from our Temple, leaving our true Self largely unconscious and unheeded. Put another way, if our consciousness (I) as the Vessel-Mind, is not present in the Present Moment Awareness of the subconscious (Am), being 'Now', then the mind is in no condition to channel or intuit the eternal and true Self as Cause. The mind, quite literally therefore, takes on the role of a rebel without a Cause. This leaves the mind blind & unguided which it innately, albeit unconsciously knows, hence why it lives in fear of - well almost everything. False Evidence Appearing Real is F.E.A.R aka Maya or illusion. We are not living in reality, we are living in our idea of reality which of course distorts, delays, disturbs, and destroys the pure manifestation of Spirit in the physical. How does Cause or Spirit manifest anything when the mind is full of itself? We all know that what is held in the mind (particularly emotionally) will, as sure as night follows day, be held in the hand. If we are not beholding our true Self as Cause due to holding, egoic or false images in mind, then that is what will be demonstrated and manifested in the physical. The mind cannot reveal or create what it is not conscious of. If our thoughts are all that we are conscious of then that is what we will experience. Best to hold the mind still until our spiritual sight is restored and we are guided by the omniscience of Spirit.

“I am the vine; (True Self) you are the branches (mind). If you remain in me and I in you, (consciousness stays present in Awareness) you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. - John 15: 5

If the mind was consciously (I) aware (am) of its Spirit (I) being Soul (Am) it would be perfectly aligned (I am that I am) and able to create true images, true thoughts. However, it is not. The conscious mind is only conscious of itself as form. It it is barely conscious of itself as the Awareness of the subconscious (Incarnate Soul), Soul, Spirit or its/their collective as the Present Moment. The Now being the door to Spirit.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6) This verse means that Mind- Consciousness (vessel or Son) cannot know the Father (true Self or Spirit) except through the Christ mind, which is the awareness of the subconscious that has merged with the Awareness of the Mother or the One true and eternal Soul. Never confuse the mind-Soul (vessel) that reincarnates within the womb of the One true Soul.

The Mind-Soul is simply a vessel for the true Self to experience a certain dream within the physical before it merges back into its Oneness. This can take many lifetimes, however, know the incarnate Mind-Soul fell from the Grace of Oneness and will return to that Oneness when the dream has been dreamt and the love spent. At the moment his is what most people identify as: the vessel. Every lifetime sees the Incarnate Mind-Soul evolve and remember its true Self more and more, giving it more and more dominion over its body aka Soul. Much like a toddler learns to use his body so does the Incarnate Mind-Soul. The subconscious, of everyone is a part of the One Soul, which we call our own Soul. Everyone's subconscious is a collective Awareness of all our lives to date. Everyone's subconscious is collectively the 'Present Moment' which is the vessel for the One True Eternal Soul. Every consecutive lifetime shows us that we are in fact One Soul being the One Spirit. I AM.

I Spirit Am Soul (Cause) are being I conscious mind am subconscious mind (Effect). Effect/form was born in the image of Cause/formlessness.

Instead of intuiting or channelling the true Self as the Creator, the mind creates from itself. The mind was created to reveal the truth, not create it. However, due to being unconscious of itself Spiritually, the mind believes it is on itself to create life, therefore it does it via the caravan of thought. Unfortunately, when the mind rises in thought, it rises out of its own Temple of Awareness where the door to Spirit Realms guides us intuitively. This is why thought is called the veil. Sadly, we mistake these manifestations of our physical reality as true our true and only reality. We are in this day and age big on empirical evidence that we assert is the measure of all truth. Myopic thinking really considering we all identify as Consciousness which clearly is a state of 'presence' or being that is completely formless and impossible to prove. Moreover, almost daily, as our senses evolve, what once was invisible is now visible. It would seem prudent then to quit relying on merely empirical evidence when it comes to ontological concerns such as 'existence' or 'consciousness'. I always smile when people say to me, 'prove God exists' when they cannot even prove they exist.

The only way to be empty of yourself is to be empty of egoic thoughts that cause unnatural and chaotic emotions to defile our subconscious that in turn causes unnatural and chaotic thoughts to rise in a never-ending negative feedback loop. So long as the mind is trying to create life via its thoughts it will suffer and cause the body of the world to suffer as we are quite literally One. The mind is like a cup - only useful if it is empty. Meditation allows the mind to apperceive as opposed to perceive. Apperception means being conscious of being awareness behind all thoughts and feelings. It takes you form being the actor of the movie to being the audience, which allows you to experience the world without getting caught up in it. After all, when someone dies in a movie, it’s just a movie after all isn't it. And truth be told, that's all life is. A dream. A movie that has no real impact on our true Self as Spirit. To quote Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts, with the ending of each movie being sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything which means to be without - that one is close to death and will lose their form. Fortunately, our true Self is not form but formlessness. This is hard for the mind that equates all existence with form to comprehend but there you have it. It is true, nonetheless. If you don't believe me, then pick an object and trace it right back until it loses its form, and you will see its Cause is in the formless invisible world from which it sprung.

When thought ceases so does the fictional person & the personal story you, 'as thought' created. Let these fictional stories go and revert back to your true Self which is not personal at all but impersonal. This is what is meant when it is said one must die to themselves and be born again of Spirit. When one is so called 'raised up' one rises from identification with mind to identifying with and as Spirit. I say with (as the mind) and as (Of Spirit) for the mind is also Spirit in that it is a reflection of it. The mind is Spirits mirror which is why it is said, the Son was born in the image of the Father.

Experientially know Thy Self. Theory is not enough. Theory is of the mental realm. Knowing is of the Spiritual realm. Knowing can only be had through experience. This is done through walking through the door of Now. For the awareness of Now and the awareness of Soul are one and the same in the big scheme of things. Therefore, as thought, as the Mind-Vessel you identify with at the moment, be present in the NOW. Let the mind be unmoving in the movement of the Present Moment. In doing so, over time you will become conscious of your consciousness expanding. It will be like someone who is sitting in the dark, whereby one day after another, a light is switched on and you begin to see more and see much clear. Yes, this is a very good and apt analogy. This is exactly what it is like. Over time, everything that appeared ordinary, begins to look extraordinary. Over time, you begin to see reality for what it is, losing all fear of death and living. Then the jig is up. The whole game changes.

Let the truth of your Being - your true Being (Spirit, not mind) sing the fullness of its melody, through the flute of the mind and body. Let it add to the symphonic majesty of life that is in harmony with all being and non-being. Once you are empty of yourself; you will be filled with Thy Self.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”- Bruce Lee

- Tracy Pierce

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