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In Zen, we lose the questions because we lose the thoughts that continually rise in search of answers. This is perfectly okay however, as egoic thoughts are the veil that obscure our true Self as Spirit. Once the veil is lifted and the truth is revealed and realized all questions are immediately answered.

Copious thoughts seeking the truth inadvertently prevent any answers from reaching us. The thinking mind will never find what it is looking for, as thinking is what separates mind consciousness from Spiritual Consciousness. Only the being mind can know itself as Spirit. This entails the thinking mind ceasing in the creation of thought. The minute one stops thinking the being mind happens by default as it is our natural state. The conscious mind cannot serve itself as mind and itself as Spirit at the same time as thinking obscures the being mind - the meditative mind needed for accessing into guidance.

The being mind is the only mind that intuition can flow through. You could see the thinking process as static that gets in the way of channelling Spiritual inspiration. The intuition that Awareness/Soul brings from Spirit, cannot be given to a mind absent in its own temple of Present Moment Awareness while present in thought.

When the mind rises in thought, it disturbs the natural peace of its true state of being, particularly when we bear in mind that with each thought that rises from the conscious mind elicits an emotional response from the subconscious that adds to the chaotic storm of mind and body.

The subconscious is much more than the emotional servant of the conscious mind that produces all physical phenomena. The subconscious is the vessel for the Soul itself. Everyone's subconscious mind is part and parcel of the subconscious. The subconscious is also the superconscious - the connecting door to one's true Self as Cause. Spirit works through Soul and the Soul works through everyone's subconscious mind as awareness to feed the conscious mind. This is the process of creation. One could say that thought or the conscious mind is the son of Spirit our true Consciousness and that emotions are the daughters of our Soul which is love.

With the conscious mind continually rising in thoughts that often oppose each other, the consequent emotional response from the subconscious (The part of the soul we have dominion over) releases chemicals that linger in the body putting it under a lot of stress, severely affecting one's quality and quantity of life. If these emotions are not released responsibly or are repressed, they often cause the individual and collective much trouble.

However, when the mind settles down into its natural meditative state of being, the conscious awareness of mind starts to merge with the Consciousness of Spirit being the Awareness of Soul - aka Cause that is omniscient - all knowing. It is with this all-knowingness that Spirit guides the mind intuitively. What possible question would an omniscient being ask? None of course. In this manner one lives by faith/Intuition, rather than taking thought. Thought is only necessary to process intuition into knowledge for the world to make use of.

~ Tracy Pierce

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