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One could say that Spirit created a world full of soul and gave the conscious mind a front seat row.

If you want to take this understanding from being a theory to being an actual reality, which it is, then you must as the conscious mind work your way backwards, by first becoming conscious of yourself subconsciously (heart) as awareness that is always in all ways present in and AS the moment, thereby healing the emotional body damaged by the egoic mind set. When this is done, one's conscious and subconscious mind come together as a whole, providing a perfect channel for Spiritual Intuition.

Once the conscious mind (The son or focal point of Spirit) is resting in the subconscious, the mind is what is termed as meditating. Meditation is holding a single thought in which you are consciously (conscious mind) aware (subconscious mind) as a whole mind being Awareness in and AS The Now. This awareness of being expands ever deeper bringing you to the full realization of one's Soul inspired by Spirit. The Soul is the body of Spirit or put another way, Awareness is the activity of Consciousness. They are One. All is one. The mind is the son of both Spirit and Soul. In other words, the focal point of Consciousness sits within the Soul and is first raised up by Karma and the universal principles that govern Soul. Then after all karmic debt has been paid one lives by the inspiration and intuition of their true and full Consciousness as Spirit.

Once as the conscious mind you are conscious of being the Awareness of the present moment, one's meditative state of being becomes a door that attracts to itself it's like, which is the ONE Soul being the One Spirit or Consciousness. Remember the true Self is Conscious (I) Awareness (Am) and the mind is its image (Conscious mind (I) Subconscious mind (Am) The subconscious mind is the activity of the conscious mind like the Soul or Awareness is the activity of the Spirit or Consciousness. When both I am's are aligned one is said to be living under Grace.

Within your subconscious, is your life purpose and soul intentions for this incarnation. So, these things are the first thing you, as the Conscious mind come across while the mind starts its healing process and preparation of its temple for its true Consciousness to work through. Spirit or your true Consciousness can only work through the Soul, it can never work through thought that is not present in the Soul, which is why it is so important to stay out of your self-created thoughts and in the present moment known as the subconscious/Soul. In knowing the Soul, you become aware of yourself as Spirit and are forever after are guided, intuitively by it.

Whether you are conscious of it or not - your true Self as Spirit is ever guiding the mind through the Soul. First as Karma then directly as Intuition. The Father (Your true Self as Spirit) is ever shaping you through the mother (Your true Soul) into the perfect vessel for their expression so that you might walk the earth blessing each day with your beautiful presence as the present moment itself. Where once you were blind to this, now you see.

~ Tracy Pierce

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