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The sceptic before surrendering to the truth or true Self will first say, let me experience this truth or true Self and then I will decide if it is worth the sacrifice.

Impossible! Impossible as illusion and reality can never be in the same room at the same time. The illusion of a personal self must first perish before the true Self is known. The twain never meets. One must die first of the flesh and be born again of spirit. In other words, the thinking mind which keeps the illusion of a personal self alive, must become the being mind which spells the end to any sense of personal existence constituting the ego. Having no past and no future the ego is finished leaving the mind a perfect empty vessel for Spirit to flow through the mind giving and into the world.

The definition of being (Meditation) is non thinking or no mind. The mind is so empty of its self-created thoughts that is has now become an alert awareness that merges seamlessly with present moment awareness, which is the vessel of Soul, directed by the true Self as Spirit.

Realization is knowing you are experientially the whole of life, rather than a part of it or apart from it as a personal Self. It is knowing you are life as opposed to having one. It is knowing you are the Cause behind all effect and not just the effect of the one mind and body you have personified through the creation of thought that in turn veiled your true Self. Realization is knowing you are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in a drop.

The false mind must die of itself, before the true mind/Self is born. The unrisen mind is the Tao/Christ Mind, while the risen mind is the Ego. 'Thinking' you are your true Self must cease before you can BE your true Self.

~ Tracy Pierce

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