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You will encounter a lot of opposition on this path. The path of your heart. Winding roads, potholes and harsh elements will all take their toll. The death of the ego is a path of suffering and great pain. Not all weary travellers you encounter are going to be interested in taking the time to tip their hat and exchange pleasantries in passing. Some may even try trip you up or mislead you.

This is particularly true of academics/intellectuals who covet the intelligence of mind in a world where knowledge, rather than knowing, is held in high esteem and well rewarded. They will use it as a weapon, so arm yourself with an inner faith while traveling and be careful not to cast your pearls before swine. Do not share your truth with those who only pretend to be interested, so they can cut you down with their intellectual sword. Let those who live by the sword, die by it. These people love identifying with the mind as it gives them a holier than thou sense of self, a sense of superiority in a world that is devoid of its light & which forces us to hustle the dark, day in day out with whatever talents we have. Let them go their way. You go yours. Wish them well. Wish them healing. Their time will come in this life or another to awaken to the Soul as you are doing now.

Moreover, if you speak of your dream before it is dreamt, the energy supporting its manifestation into the physical will dissipate. Hold close to your heart your inspiration from Spirit, like a babe you carry in your arms until it is strong enough to walk on its own.

Be wary of other religions and schools of thought too, for they are not much better. Their gold is their morality, and it is with this disconnected morality, they will judge you and try to put you down. Do not let them break your heart. Keep walking. One foot in front of the other, two eyes on the road and one "I" ever present within - following your beautiful albeit broken heart, even though it is shaken and weary.

This heart of yours is the only true guide or light you have. It is the only true religion. The religion of Love is found on the path of Heart. Your heart is your own inner Awareness found deep within your subconscious and beyond. When the two minds (conscious and subconscious) come together the form a channel that intuits one's true being in and of Spirit. Your true guiding light. Don't let the darkness of this world snuff out your light. Don't let the madness of this world prevent you from taking another step towards your truth and your sanity. Pay no mind to "They Say" for "They say is the biggest liar in the world. Keep walking and if you can't walk then crawl. Let your truth, the very heart of you, move you ever forward with true grit and determination. Most of all with inspiration, with intuition, for your inner truth will uphold you every step of the way. Let it lead you back home to yourself, to where you belong. To where you have always belonged: to the keeper of all our hearts.

Kia kaha - stay strong!

~ Tracy Pierce

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