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Remember for the most part, when the One speaks to you, it is never personal. It will never feel like a person is talking to you, as though you are having a one on one. That might happen at times but it is rare. And when it does come it comes as you, for you are the thought of the most High so it does not feel - profound even if what manifests or is demonstrated is. For the most apart It will feel like the whole world is talking to you, for the true Self is the whole world and everything besides. This is why all those that have realized the Self talk a lot about synchronicity and serendipity. Life is actually speaking to you. This assertion and I am asserting it having experienced it myself, is not some sweet little notion dreamed up by a couple of long-haired friends of Jesus. That is the literal truth. There are signs. The outer- world is definitely reflecting the Inner world. None of it is personal. Life simply has an innate intelligence so profound that whenever, it goes out of balance, it instantly takes steps to counterbalance itself with the bonds of love which are seen and experienced as serendipity and/or synchronicity. That sounds romantic doesn't it, but again it is a literal truth. Cause and Effect - Karma ensure universal homeostasis.

The true Self - your true identity is every 'thing' as the Omega, yet no 'thing' as the Alpha. The Alpha being unmanifest is unlimited. Though the Alpha may appear and perceive itself to be limited in and as the Omega, remember the Omega is eternally (forever and ever) expressing the Alpha's infinite creations all at once. The Omega in a differentiated state that we can call 'personal' can only see from the vantage point of that one form in a sea of billions of forms. Trillions of and trillions of forms. Bear in mind though, at the same time, as the Alpha, living through the Omega, the vantage point is omnipresent, therefore omniscient and omnipotent.

Of course, the mind being form, (limited) cannot behold that which is unlimited, therefore, the mind is given intuitively only what it needs within that Souls specific part of the moment. Everyone's Subconscious (Which collectively is a reflection of the One true Soul - AM) constitutes the present moment for there is only ONE Mind.

The realized person knows himself as the Alpha living through the Omega. The unrealized believes himself to only be the Omega due to having no conscious experience of himself as the Alpha, therefore, mistakenly believes he is creating life via his thoughts. All he is creating are distortions, distractions, and delays in the perfect manifestations and demonstrations of one's true Consciousness as the Impersonal Aka Unmanifest Cause or whatever name you want to attribute to the Alpha.

The Alpha is connected to the Omega in the same way the mind is to the body. The mind is always the mind and can never be the body. Likewise, what is body can never be mind. What is flesh is flesh. What is Spirit is Spirit. They are different but still One. You cannot separate them anymore than you can separate the words 'I am'. There are many metaphysical texts all over the world depicting how the Alpha and the Omega are connected. Chose which one resonates with you the most. How you dress the truth up is really of no import. The principles are what is important for they do not change regardless of how you conceptualize the truth or what school of thought you adopt. When you realize the nature of mind, you work around appearances.

The principles that bond matter together, or the body to the mind, or the earth to its orbit etc are probably not much different to what bonds the Omega to the Alpha. Everything is a micro of the macro - eternally.

Understand creation has already been completed. All that can happen has. The seven days of creation or whatever conceptualization you are using, are not subject to time or space or dress size. They are not something that has happened or will happen. They are happening Now. They are always Now. What can be created has been and everything in between. I know this is a hard concept to accept, nonetheless it is true.

The realized person knows that he/she as the I (Conscious Mind) is meant to stay squarely in the moment - in its own Soul (Am - Subconscious) or heart, where one is inspired by their true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. One's true Consciousness works through the One Soul, that in turn reflects herself upon the Subconscious, imparting intuitively the divine idea (word) given by Spirit. Through the I of mind being present in both his own Soul (Rather than his own thoughts) and the Soul of the One true Consciousness, he is able to firstly, become conscious of his true Self (Realization) but is also able to make Conscious (bring into physical manifestation) whatever he is witnessing - beholding in the Temple of the Most High.

If the I of the Conscious Mind (your sense of I am-ness or that which you use to think with) is not in his Temple of Present Moment Awareness - his Am (Subconscious/present moment), due to being present in his own thoughts instead, he will not be able to become conscious of what his true Self - his true Consciousness is imparting intuitively. How can he when his attention is elsewhere? Instead, the Divine Idea coming to Life, the I of the Conscious Mind, will impregnate his own Subconscious (Soul) with his own idea of creation, created by himself. Himself being a Mind cut off from its Source like a branch from the Vine. You can see then, that instead of giving life to his true Consciousness (Father) through being present in both his and the Impersonal true Soul, he gives life to false images, he himself created while unconscious of his true Consciousness/intelligence. False images that distort, distract and often destroy the divine idea birthed in the DNA of each Soul.

Know also that the Subconscious Mind always inspires - colours what to the Conscious Mind is thinking and how it will react. The Subconscious is, in part a pure reflection of the One Soul, when it has not been defiled by the Egoic Conscious Mind rising in thought. If it has, then it will hold within itself Vasana's which are Subconscious tendencies and core beliefs, carried from one lifetime to the next, that need to be worked out and balanced through Karma, least it affects the world. Karma ensures homeostasis multidimensionally. It is an innate intelligence all matter, no matter how big or small has. The Subconscious is one's Am-ness or sense of body. It is Awareness. It is not only a pure reflection of one's impersonal Soul but a defiled reflection of one's personal sense of Self Aka the illusionary Ego. It also contains one's emotional body, so you could say that this state of Awareness or Being is Felt. In fact, Eckart Tolle himself is quoted as saying that Being cannot be thought, it can only be felt.

If the Subconscious is not at rest, then the Conscious Mind will continually rise in thought Agitation). It will be active, seeking that which feels lost. Such as Peace and identity. Who am I, what am I, what am I doing here, how did I get here, what is happening, is death real? What is real? Such is life for the Omega ignorant of itself as the Alpha.

This scenario is akin to a wave forgetting it is part of the Sea. The wave through developing a mind of its own that is not a part of the Sea, but rather apart from itself as the Sea, tries to go against the current of the ocean - itself. The wave is resisting itself as the sea, through ignorance. Resist not the moment - let it be. Eventually the moment will right itself if you just stop interfering with it in your ignorance.

You might have assessed correctly then that the true Mind works by first inspiring the Conscious Mind through the love of Soul being Spirit - the true Self. So, love always inspires divine thought, ensuring it always achieves that which it sets out to do. If thought comes first - before the emotion, it is generally egoic with a very watered-down version in regard to demonstration and manifestation due to having no love to emote it in the same way Spirit does.

Realize also, the Omega being limited to form can never be omniscient in and of itself, any more than the body can think. However, the Alpha, is omniscient, therefore, it is the Alpha that should be moving - inspiring the Omega in the creation of Life. It is not for the Omega to be creating life using itself, using its limited vision and intelligence. The mind has proven time and time again all throughout history that it cannot master itself. Only Spirit Aka Alpha, can do that.

Creation is really the story of how the Alpha fashioned the Omega into its likeness in the same way and for the same reason I should imagine as Michelangelo fashioned a slab of stone into an angel. He said he saw one in there and wanted to set him free. I believe love of and as creation was his reason.

~ Tracy Pierce

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