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The Alpha is Brahman, and the Omega is Atman. In truth they are One, however for the sake of relaying what is oftentimes unrelatable, we will speak of them as if they were two.

This then is the story of the rise and fall of Atman within Brahman.

Brahman/Spiritual Consciousness (I) projects Atman/Christ/Buddha, as a reflection of itself, into itself as Soul/ Spiritual Awareness (Am).

Here Atman sits within the womb of Brahman's Soul.

Brahmans Soul is known by its effects Aka three Guna's which keeps every being and nonbeing balanced: These three Gunas are tamas (Stillness - darkness & chaos), rajas (Movement: activity & passion), and sattva (beingness & harmony). The three Gunas is often spoken of in Greek mythology and the three fates.

Likewise, Atman projects a reflection of itself as Mind Aka Human Soul within the One Soul that is the activity of Brahman. Understand at this point that the Mind of Atman is made up on billions of cells that you and I personify and call ‘me’, just like our own mind has billions of cells. As above, so below on every level.

This Human Soul is the differentiated Universe and everything in it, meaning everyone’s mind as the Subconscious on physical display. Everyone is experiencing in the moment what is not only in their mind but the minds of everyone else for we are all one.

If Atman's Soul (Causal body) is in alignment with the One Eternal Soul (As Present Moment Awareness), the Mind or Soul of Atman is under the Grace of Brahman. If it is not an Ego is formed that pivots Atman into a hell of his own making through ignorance of Brahman - his true Self. He must then suffer what he himself has created apart from Brahman as opposed to being a part of Brahman. He will continue to suffer himself, until he surrenders his Mind to the Present Moment which is the activity of the true Soul – the true Self as Brahman.

Initially Atman through the forward trajectory of itself into billions of forms as Mind Aka Human Soul, loses sight of himself as Brahman, therefore, loses himself in and as Mind – his own dream projection. This is the fall from Grace whereupon the Mind (Inverted Atman) creates life – meaning the body and the body of the world, from the level of mind unconscious of itself as Brahman (True Self).

Due to misidentifying as Mind, Atman limits himself to form. The form of mind and body. Thus, the Ego is born.

Due to the Inverted Atman being blind to all but himself, he works against the three Gunas of the Soul responsible for the harmony of the whole. In doing so Atman creates for his own Soul, karmic Vasana's that sees him reincarnating over and over again, in order to balance and make whole his own distorted and unbalanced Soul Aka Mind.

The climb back to Grace is Life living itself where upon the Mind is tempered and balanced so that the Soul of Atman merges with the Soul of Brahman (Present Moment Awareness). This is being in alignment Aka Being under and as Grace. The Light of Brahman living through its own Soul restores and redeems the Soul of Atman.

Eventually, through suffering his own Soul, which is projected into the physical, Atman learns that of himself he is nothing - it the Father (Brahman) in him that does the work though the Souls three Guna's, whether he follows the path of the righteous (Under Grace) or unrighteous (Ego).

Atman, in his billions of forms, learns to surrender his personal I to the impersonal I of Atman, which is One with the Father, so that he becomes again what he always was: I am that I am.

"Be still and Know that I am" - Psalms 46:10

~ Love Tracy

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