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Being and thinking are two completely different mind sets, rendering two completely different realities. Actually, only one reality. The other is an illusion.

Being is the true mind. It holds itself in an intuitively and heartfelt, quiescent stillness that aligns it with our true eternal Self that is Soulful -Spiritual. One then lives or is guided by Faith which is experienced as an all-knowing understanding of the moment. One knows what to do, say, or be without having to create or take thought. The mind experiences an all-knowing intuition of the moment as its true Self is omniscient, meaning all-knowing. In this manner the true mind partakes from the Tree of Life that guides every being conscious of it alike. The tree of life represents the Spiritual realm in which One Consciousness is expressed as many.

The being mind sits in the present moment, with a deeply focused and heartfelt state of being that is guided intuitively and with synchronicity. It is highly important to understand that this state must be felt deeply. So deeply that one starts of being in the moment, only to end up being the presence of the moment itself. In other words, one loses their personal sense of self in favour of their true impersonal Self. Rather than identifying as a mind and body, one knows themselves to be Spirit that has a mind and body.

The thinking mind is the egoic mind - the false sense of Self. It is false as mind consciousness is unconscious of its true Self therefore takes itself to be merely the mind and body which whose form of course is not eternal. This causes one to fear death and believe falsely that one day they will not exist. Worse than this, being unconscious of itself Spiritual, it loses all spiritual vision that is omniscient. Basically, the ego is navigating life blind, believing itself to be limited when in truth it is not. Due to the egoic mind being unconscious of its true Self and the guidance offered, it is forced to take and create thought that are considered false images due to being created with no knowledge of its truth. Cut off from its all-knowing nature, the false self is forced to take and create thought in order to navigate the world. The thinking mind is active, living off the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. The tree of knowledge represents the mental realm in which one believes themselves to be a separate consciousness to the whole.

To explain the physiology behind the being one, one's conscious mind, which is one's attention, must rest (as a single meditative thought) in the awareness of the subconscious, which is ever present in the present moment. The present moment being the vessel of Awareness aka Soul. Together they act as a channel for the Holy Ghost known as intuition and experienced as a Knowing or Faith. In this manner the body, mind, Soul, and Spirit align and work as one with the One true Consciousness being many.

The constitution of the mind is a good indicator of how much we should take thought and how much we should be present as Awareness in the moment.

The conscious mind being only five percent of our mind represents how much thinking is needed each moment. The subconscious which is ninety five percent of our mind represents how much we should remain the witness or "Awareness' of the moment. Consider if you like, thinking as talking and being as listening.

Clearly at this point in time, we are thinking 95% of the time and being aware only 5%. This is the wrong use of mind. We should be listening - being 95% of the time and talking - processing knowing into knowledge 5%.

In this manner we are guided by true Spiritual vision as opposed to being led by a deluded mind unconscious of its true life.

~ Tracy Pierce

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