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An ego is a person that is only conscious of themselves as a mind/body. They are not conscious of themselves Spiritually therefore they identify with form - with the mind and the body. Because they are unconscious of themselves spiritually, they feel an innate sense of something missing, so they go in search of themselves and their truth and meaning with the use of the thinking mind.

The mind when it does not know itself Spiritually has no alternative but to 'think' incessantly, in order to get on in the world. The ego believes it must constantly measure and weigh, judge and discern - everything and everyone in order to stay safe and create a life. Is this or that good for me? Is this or that the right thing to do?

The Self-Realized have realized their true Self as the unmanifest Spirit or Cause of Effect being the mind and body. Rather than being guided by a mind unconscious of itself Spiritually. They are guided by and as Life living itself. As Cause being Effect. Their lives are led by Spirit rather than a mind cut off from its Source like a branch from the vine. They live by intuition and inspiration, letting their whole life be a revelation. They know the world as their body and the true Intelligence of Spirit as their mind. They do not have a life, they are life. They do not live in the moment; they are the moment. They do not meditate. They are meditation itself. There is no duality about them. They are One living through a temporary temple. Everyone and thing is a part of their being - never apart from their being.

~ Tracy Pierce

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